Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication

                                                                November,  2007

                                      November 18,  2007,  Meeting

We will meet on the 3rd Sunday instead of the 2nd Sunday.

The 2nd Sunday is Veteran’s Day and several of our members will be
taking part in other military and veterans celebrations.

The meeting on November 18th will be a Remembrance & Celebration of
our own society with Martha Brown (a founding member) recalling past
events, accomplishments and a look into the future.

This is also the time we remember our ancestors with refreshments
from their country of origin or favorite family dishes. You might
want to share the recipe with us.

Hope to see you at the Nancy Guinn Library, lower level at 3:00 P.M.
Sunday November 18th. Come hungry for information, food and fellowship.

Your ole’ genealogy crony..........Jackie Smith

                        New Officers Needed for the Coming Year

We hope that we can convince the following people to accept the offices
and chairmanships and assistant chairmanships for the coming year.
These people have not been voted on as yet; so, if needed, other names
can be nominated from the floor.

President: Chris Zawadzke

V. President: Gayle Vivian

Secretary: Joyce O’Malley Asst. Secretary Jane Conn

Treasurer: Ellen Trainer; Asst..Treasurer: Jackie Smith

Library Liaison: Jackie Smith; Asst. LIb. Lia: Martha Brown

Membership Chair: Linda Folk; Membership Co-Chair: Jenel Shipp.

Newsletter Editor: Larry Knowles; Newsletter Asst. Marion Farmer.

Trip Research Chair: John Brown; Trip Research Co-chair: Pauline Hullinger.

Program Chairman: Claudine Jackson; Program Co-Chair: Martha Brown.

Door Prize Chairman: Ellen Trainer or Jackie Smith.

                    Library Visitors List Names Researched

Elizabeth Hornstra, 10016 Lady Elizbeth Ln., Mechanicsville, Va. Researching
McLean Family.

Aurelia Dickinson, 758 Carpenter Ave., Moresville, NC. Researching
Swann family.

Joan Sims Miller, 109 Trail Rider Way, Georgetown, ?? 78633. Researching
Sims and White.

Donald Freeman, 113 South Broad St., Bowman, Ga. 30624. Researching

Robert Buhler, 1366 Springwood Dr., Conyers, Ga. 30012. Researching

Daniel Bass, P. O. Box 80096, Conyers, Ga. 30013. Researching the
history of the Rockdale Confederate Monument.

Mark Auslender, 1 Watermill Pl. #23C, Arlington, MA 02476. Researching
Robert T. Guinn.

Cecil Catchings, Conyers, Ga. 678-413-3812. Researching Catchings.

David Farmer, Snellville, Ga. No names given.

Gary King, 10375 Last Stand Cir., Frisco, TX 75035. Researching King
and Warren.

Randy Rogers, P. O. Box 12086, Jackson, MS 39211. Researching Almand,
Rogers, Gregory.

David Grainger, 4544 Wentworth Pl., Conyers, Ga. Researching Grainger.

Kay Goddard, 175 Autumn Cove, Covington, Ga. Researching Goddard.

Kenneth Cockrum, 101 Trees of Kennesaw  Pkwy, Kennesaw, Ga. 30152.
 Researching Cockrum and Cochran.

G. Bryant, Conyers, Ga. Researching Bryant.

Monty W. Capes, Conyers, Ga. No names given.

                    Basic Rockdale County Research Methods

Basic Rockdale County genealogical research begins with “A History
of Rockdale County” by Margaret G. Barksdale, E. L. Cowan, and Frances
A. King, 1978. (Ga R 975.8 Rockdale His) and “Index to A History of
Rockdale County” by Marion Farmer, 1994. (Ga R 975.8 Rockdale Ind).
The index is also available on-line at:
This work will have most of the historically relevant names of Rockdale

Next you will want to look at “Historical Souvenir of Conyers” by
O’Kelley and Guinn, 1906. (Ga R 975.8 Rockdale His). This has an index
by Marion Farmer attached to the book which is also available on-line
at the above link. The history of Rockdale draws heavily from this

Then you need to look at “Rockdale County Centennial Edition” published
by the Citizen Publishing Company in 1971. (Ga R 975.8 Rockdale ROC).
This has an index attached to the book by Marion Farmer which is also
available on-line.

The Heritage of Rockdale County is at: GA R 975.8 Rockdale HER. This
book was compiled by the Genealogical Society.

The Cemeteries of Rockdale County in at: GA R 975.8 Rockdale. There
is an index which is available on the counter and also on-line.

An index to the Old Conyers Newspapers 1878-1929 is at: GA R 975.8
ROC Bow. This is an index of obituaries.

the “History of Newton County” is at: GA R Newton. HIS

                  Odd Year Census Available for Georgia

Original and microfilm copies of many of the state censuses are located

Secretary of State Georgia Department of Archives and History 330
Capitol Avenue S.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Counties named below are the only ones with extant censuses for that
particular year:

1798: Part of the 1798 census for Greene County is in Greene County
File, File II Counties, at the Archives. It was published by Frank
Parker Hudson, “1798 Census of First Battalion, Greene County, Georgia,”
Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, 4 (1968): 649.

1800: Oglethorpe County’s census is in the courthouse and a copy is
on microfilm at the Archives. It was published by Mary Bonduranl Warren,
1800 Census of Oglethorpe County, Georgia (Athens, 1965). 1810: The
statistics from the state census of that year (which coincided with
the 1810 federal census) were published in Columbian Museum and Savannah
Advertiser, Savannah, 19 November 1810. 1824: The statistics for this
census were published in the Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, 21
December 1824.

1827: Taliaferro County’s original census is in the courthouse; a
copy is on microfilm at the Archives. It is included in Censuses for
Georgia Counties (Atlanta, 1979). The statewide statistics for this
census were published in the Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, 28
November 1829. 1831: The statistics for this census were published
in the Southern Recorder, Milledgeville, 8 December 1831.

1834: The Cass (Bartow), Cherokee, Cobb, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin,
Murray, and Union County censuses are in the Telamon Cuylei Collection,
Hargrett Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, Uni- versity of Georgia
Libraries. They are included in Mary B. Warren and Eve B. Weeks, Whites
Among the Cherokees (Danielsville, GA, 1987).

1838: Laurens, Newton, and Tattnall County census originals are at
the Archives and are also on microfilm. They are included in Brigid
S. Townsend, Indexes to Seven State Census Reports for Counties in

1838-1845 (Atlanta, 1975). The original of the Lumpkin County census
is incomplete but also at the Archives and on microfilm. It, too,
is in Warren and Weeks, Whites Among the Cherokees. Paulding County’s
census is in the Telamon Cuyler Collection and is included in Whites
Among the Cherokees. The statewide statistics for this census, by
county, were published in the Georgian, Savannah, 18 and 19 December

1845: The Chatham, Dooly, Forsyth, and Warren County censuses are
at the Archives and are also available on microfilm. Chatham County
is included in Censuses for Georgia Counties, and Dooly, Forsyth,
and Warren counties are included in Townsend’s Indexes to Seven State
Census Reports. The statistics for this census were published, by
county, in George White’s Statistics of the State of Georgia (New
York, 1849).

1852: The Jasper County census and the census of the city of Augusta
are at the Archives and are also available on microfilm. The latter
was published by the Augusta Genealogical Society in An-cestoring
VI (Augusta, 1983). The Chatham County census is still in the courthouse,
though a microfilm copy is available at the Archives. The Morgan County
census is at the courthouse and has never been microfilmed.

1853: The Morgan County census is at the courthouse and has never
been microfilmed (not available at FHL).

1859: The Columbia County census is at the Archives and is also on
microfilm. It was published by Merita Rozier, Leoda Sherry, and Nesba
Wright, “State Census Columbia County, Georgia, 1859,” Georgia Genealogical
Society Quarterly, 13(1977):254. A census of wild lands in Terrell
County is on microfilm at the Archives, while the original is still
in the courthouse.

1865: Bulloch County’s census is at the courthouse. It was published
by Alvaretta Kv Register, “1865 Census of Buftoch County Georgia,
Georgia Genealogical Magazine, no. 70 (1978):247.

1879: Columbia County (listed at FHL).

1890: A crude county copy of the lost federal census for Washington
County is in the courthouse and on microfilm at the Archives.

There are also some censuses from the colonial period for a few counties
that have been published in the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
(volumes 21, 24, 25, and 26).  Some tax records from the 1850s and later at
the Archives indicate the number of school children in each household and,
starting in 1906, names and service of Confederate veterans are listed in
county tax digests (a complete set of these tax digests beginning in 1872 is
available at the Archives).   The Georgia State Vital Records Unit had the
originals of the state school census records for 1908, 1913, 1918, and 1923, but
these records are now missing.  County copies for some returns;  however, are on
microfilm at the Archives.  These are for the counties of Fayette (1928, 1933, 1938),
Henry (1903, 1908, 1913, 1918), Meriwether (1898, 1903, 1913), Tattnall (1928, 1933,
1938), and Walton (1928, 1933, 1938),  Other school census records may still be in the

              Discussion of Ancestry Image Problems

I am using Ancestry’s “Enhanced Image Viewer,” and I notice that they
have eliminated the “save to your computer” option, at least for some
of the newer images. I captured the data stream to a file using a
protocol analyzer, but I do not recognize the format. I assume it
is a proprietary image format. Does anyone here have any information
about it? Are there any available tools to convert it to a non-proprietary

Thanks --Mark
“Mark G.” <>

I have a workaround that I use when obscure images are not allowed
to be downloaded.

There is a free program called MWSnap that I keep resident on my desktop.
Once activated you can then either capture the whole screen, a fixed
size box, or any size rectangle by pointing and outlining the area
you want.

You then can save the image, or print it, or do as you wish. It makes
everything a JPEG but at least you have it. Google it for a download

Dick Hillenbrand - Upstate New York Genealogy -

Another solution is to print the image. Download one of the free PDF
converters, i.e. CutePDFwriter, (Google for one) The PDF writer installs
itself as a printer on your computer that is available to any software
from which you can print. Then when you find a file that will not
download, print it to the PDF writer. The PDF writer will ask for
information on where to create the new file, so you can put it anywhere
on your computer.

Personally I find the PDF format more useable than a JPG file.

-- Keith Nuttle 3110 Marquette Court Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-802-0699
Keith nuttle <>

         Accessing Web Sites Shown on the Newsletter

Web sites shown on this newsletter can be accessed more easily by
going to the web site maintained by your editor.  Generally, links
are provided on the on-line version of the newsletter which can be
accessed by one click of your mouse.  However, some sites may not
be current.  It is not possible to verify in each instance that each
site is being maintained.  Go to: 

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