Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication

                                                November,  2006

                                      November 12. 2006, Meeting

The Rockdale Genealogical Society will meet at 3:00 PM on Sunday,
November 12, 2006 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
1275 Flat Shoals Rd., SE, Conyers, Georgia.

Our program is "Reflections, Celebrations and Refreshments". We will
review and celebrate the past year and discuss plans for 2007.

For information please call 770-356-3229 or e-mail

The public is invited. There is no admission charged; however, donations
are appreciated. These help to defray expenses such as paying for
speaker’s expenses to travel to our meetings.

                  Election of Officers for 2007

The Board of Directors of the Rockdale County Genealogical Society
has selected a slate of officers and committee chairmen to recommend
to the membership to serve in 2007. Those selected were:

President: Norman Swann
V.President: Bill Freese
Treasurer: Ellen Trainer
Secretary: Jane Conn
Program Chairman: Claudine Jackson
Membership: Jenel Shipp
Travel Coordinator: Ann Walker
Newsletter: Marion Farmer

The election will be held at the meeting in November and the selections
do not preclude nominations being made from the floor. Anyone who
desires to serve in some capacity should make the desire known. Also,
the Board of Directors has indicated a desire to nominate individuals
to assist the committee chairmen.

                      Library Visitors List Names Researched

James R. Taylor, 3566 Bethel Ch. Rd., Laurens, SC. Researching Taylors
from Laurens, South Carolina to Conyers, Ga.

Wallace Haywood, Marietta, Ga. Researching Haywood and Carr.

Paul & Barbara Thiesen, 601 8th St., Wellsburg, Iowa. Researching
history and people of Milstead, Ga.

Janice Turner, Winder, Ga. Researching Peppers, Brown, Manns, Whaley,
Pound, Whatson.

Sandra Melton, Monroe, Ga. Researching same as Janice Turner and also

Roy Peek, 4421 Hwy 20 NE, Conyers, Ga. Looking for location of Dover
Church Cemetery on Gum Creek Rd.

Dennis Burleson, 554 Brownwood Ave. SE, Atlanta, Ga. 30316. Researching
Longshore, Marbut and Simms.

Ann Parker Parsons, Hartwell, Ga. Researching Parker and Crumbley.

Fran Passmore, Conyers, Ga. She was there for a presentation of a

Joyce O’Malley, Conyers, Ga. Likewise for presentation of book.

Julia A. Farrigan, Jackson, Ga. The women presented a book from the
Gov. Robt. Daniell Chapter NSDAC.

Jean W. Brown, Griffin, Ga. She was one of the presenters of the book.

Billye DePratter, Lake City, Florida. Reserching for Conyers people.

            New Site for Newspaper Articles

Don’t know how comprehensive it is, but it could prove useful in some
cases, a news archive search on Google.

it’s extremely useful. I did have to subscribe to a database that
may include Newsbank, that includes the rural papers in the area I’m

 Thanks very much for this. I put in the name of an individual I am
 researching, whose 1910 obituary I had previously found in the New
York  Times archive at a local Library, and got four more obituaries
from different papers plus three other news stories about him.

Thank you very much for the site, it’s been very useful as I’ve found
references and articles about people I’ve been trying to find for
years. While the text is garbled on the older articles, they are complete
and free. I read through the entire page, cutting and pasting as I
go. From the new document thus created, it’s possible to make corrections
or at the very least, to get the gist of the article, and it does
give the timeframe of the event.

            Homestead Exemptions Useful in Research

The homestead exemption applications found in county courthouses,
as well as on microfilm at the Georgia State Archives, are a valuable
source for genealogists. These books (lists) which began shortly after
the Civil War, contain tax exemption applications and have nothing
to do with homesteading or the claiming of land. They are concerned
only with the aspect of an exemption of ad valorem taxation on the
property where one lived. Consequently, they are proof of residency.

The applications often list the children’s full names and ages, can
be helpful in proving a line, and always aid in understanding how
our ancestors lived. Women could file even if their husbands were

Thanks to Ken Thomas for this tidbit in “Ken Thomas on Genealogy”.

         New LDS Church Testing Site

If you haven’t seen this new testing site the LDS Church has up, you’re
missing a real treat.

They are testing a ‘smart pedigree viewer’ feature that may or may
not make the cut, much like projects on Google Labs come and go. But
this one looks like a real winner based on what I saw tonight.

You need to have a high-speed connection. Go to

and then click on the link to the Smart Pedigree Viewer.

If you don’t have the latest Flash plugin, v9.0.r16, it will ask you
if you want to update it. Click yes. You will then see the search

If you have no idea what might be in there or want to just get a look
at some sample trees, click on one of the images below the search

You can send up your own tree as well to try it out using your own
From the site blog (link on main page), here
are some stats for the first weekend it was up.

Here are some interesting stats from this past weekend’s usage of
the pedigree viewer:

* Total GEDCOMs uploaded: 943 * Most generations displayed in a pedigree:
146 gen w/ 1,429 individuals * Most individuals displayed in a pedigree:
6,357 individuals in a 69 gen pedigree * Unique visitors: 342 * Users
submitting feedback: 18% * Distance winners: 1 user from South Africa,
and another from Australia

About 55% of the GEDCOMs we processed were our sample GEDCOMs. The
other 45% were submitted by users.

           Judy Bond Reports on Cemetery Project

ur Cemetery Project is going well. The list is getting smaller, only
about 20 cemeteries to locate. I have found 5 family cemeteries that
weren’t surveyed in the past. Help would be appreciated if you know
of others that are lost. Don Sailors and I hope that in late 2007
Rockdale County will have its first Cemetery DVD/CD on the market.
What a joy it will be to see this in our new Special Collections Room.
Judy Bond 770-922-4902

         Nazi Germany Records Become Available

Bloomberg reports that the International Tracing Service, the biggest
archive of Nazi documents related to victims of the Third Reich has
been opened to researchers. Click here

The world’s biggest archive of Nazi documents, containing details
on millions of victims of the Third Reich, is to be opened up to researchers
as 11 nations amend a 50-year-old agreement to allow wider public
access to the files.

The International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, in the western German
state of Hesse, contains 30 million to 50 million wartime documents
relating to some 17.5 million individuals. Under an agreement signed
in 1955, the archive is administered by the International Red Cross
and financed by the German government.

Eleven states -- Israel, the U.S., France, the U.K., Belgium, Greece,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Germany -- agreed on
May 16 in Luxembourg to open up the archive while taking into consideration
the protection of personal data to shield those who were persecuted
and their families.

Today’s official signing of the protocol ``is a first step to opening
up to the public the archives of separate states and organizations,’’
said Wolfgang Wippermann, history professor of the Free University
in Berlin in an interview. ``The more access and knowledge we have,
the more we can help the victims.’’
Today’s protocol will allow copies of the archive’s documents to be
made available to all member states, which can in turn make them accessible
to researchers according to their national law.

More in story.

The International Tracing Service is here. Click here

Related stories on Yahoo News are here.
Click Here
Related stories on Google New available here.,GGGL:2006-15,GGGL:en&q=International+Tracing+Service
Click here
Regards to all.

Keith Old
-- Steve Hayes E-mail: (see web page if it doesn’t
Web: Click here  Or here

     Latter-Day Church Hours

We would like to post our hours of operation at the Family History
Library in your monthly newsletter. The hours are:

Tuesday: 10:00am-2:00pm, 7:00-9:00pm Wednesday: 10:00am-2:00pm, 7:00-9:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am-2:00pm Others times available by appointment by
calling 770-785-9888.

Thank you,

       New Search Engine Available for Genealogy

In recent years, people around the globe have become more and more
interested in their ancestry. They’ve been turning to software programs,
the Internet, books, CDs, genealogical societies, and professional
genealogists to help them trace their genealogy.

Why spend all this time--and money--digging up the roots of your family
tree? Because knowing something about where you came from is not only
fascinating, it also gives you a sense of purpose, direction, and
history that you may be missing out on.

Now I know there are some very good books out there that you can buy
on or at the bookstore that will help you find your ancestors
on the Internet. However, by their very nature, as soon as these books
show up in the bookstore, they are out of date. Why? Because things
change fast, especially on the Internet. Web sites come and go every
minute of every day, with new and valuable sites added all the time.

How do you find out what and where they are? Search Engine Genealogy
will tell you. Click here

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