Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication

                                                            November, 2005


                                     November 13, 2005, Meeting

The November meeting will be our final meeting of the year. It will
be held in the meeting room at the library at 3:00 P.M. on November
13, 2005. We don’t meet in December because of the holidays. As usual
we will have our “taste of the past” where we bring dishes that reflect
what our ancestors ate. There will not be a speaker. The program will
be one of sharing and comparing of the year’s result of our research.
You will want to bring your collection of research to share with the
other members.

The nominating committee has been hard at work putting together a
slate of officers for 2006. The committee is being chaired by Gerre
Byrd. She has almost completed the task of filling the slots for all
of the needed candidates. If you have a thought as to who would be
a good candidate possibility, Gerre would appreciate hearing from
you. We should be able to finalize the election process at the November

Sherry Pierce has already begun lining up speakers for the coming
year. This is one of the most important tasks we always face each
year. Engaging the membership by always having an interesting program
is the only way to keep the members active. We will be hard put to
top the efforts that were accomplished during 2005. Anyone having
an idea about a particular individual who could serve as a speaker
should contact Sherry and give the information to her.

                     New Books Added to Library Shelves

Index 1820 NC Census 929.3756 POT
 Find Public Records Fast 352.387 SAN
Genealogist’s Companion & Sourcebook 929.1 CRO
Vanishing Georgia 975.8 GEO
Winton (Barnwell) County, SC Minutes of County Court & Will Book 1
929.3757.SOU Sullivan, A Direct Bloodline 929.2 SUL

                     Library Visitors Share Research Names

Wanda Shipley, 1072 Angel Ln.,Powder Springs, Ga. 30127,
- Researching Young and Almand

Karl Plenge, Box 2132, Lake City, FL 32056 - Researching
Tommey and Mann

P. Satterfield, 180 Lke Side Dr., Covington, Ga. 30016. Researching
Scott Pendley and Griggs.

K. Chandler, P. O. Box 194, Jersey, Ga. 30018. Researching Chandler.

Yvane Cain, 1770 Phillips Rd., Lithonia, Ga. Researching McKnight

Randy Rogers, Jackson, MS, Researching Almond, Gregory

Ken Thomas, Decatur, Ga. Researching Ashburn

George Smith, 3210 Chimney Cover Dr. 30041. No Names Given

John Bozeman, 1226 Lambeth Way, Conyers, GA. No names given.

Phyllis A. Thompson, 4468 Salem Rd., Covington, Ga. 30016. Researching
Bradford and Black.

Carrie Hutcherson, 2196 Hampton Tr., Conyers, Ga. 30013. No names

The reason that we have always tried to list the information for the
researchers who have visited the library is to provide  the opportunity
for the members to be able to contact the researcher if he or she
is researching a similar surname.  We sincerely hope that this will
not be objectionable.  Some individuals have expressed concern about
having names and addresses and phone numbers etc. posted on the web
for anyone to access.  There is concern at this time about identity
theft.  Therefore, if anyone listed here wishes to have the information
deleted, we will comply with their wishes.  We can change the listing
to only show an email address if that information is provided to the
editor at the email at the end of this newsletter.


       Look Back To See What Our Ancestors Were Doing

In keeping with the idea of providing a taste of the past, we include
the list of those individuals winning premiums at the Rockdale County
Fair of 1878:

Mrs. J. F. Marston, best lot fresh butter, $1.00
Mrs. K. A. McNair, best butter six months old, $1.00
D. N. Hudson, best 2 native hams, $1.00
Mrs. Susan Peek, best jar of lard, $1.00
Mrs. E. C. Thrasher, Best collection dried fruit, $1.00
Mrs. E. C. Thrasher, best collection Jellies, preserves, pickles, $3.00
Mrs. T. H. Harden, best lot canned fruit, $1.00
Mrs. D. M. Almand, second best lot canned fruit, $1.00
J. D. Winburn, best collection of pickles, $1.00
Mrs. S. M. Sanford, best collection of bread, $l.00
Mrs. P. G. Turner, Newton Co., best made gentlemen’s suit, $2.00
Miss Jessie Winburn, best calico dress, $1.00
Mrs. C. M. Neal, best calico quilt, $1.00
Mrs. Welcome Almand, best log cabin quilt, $1.00
Mrs. Cowart, best worsted quilt, $1.00
Mrs. Allie Tarvis, best worked silk quilt, $2.00
Mrs. H. A. Smith, age 65, best calico quilt, $1.00
Mrs. McConnel, best raised quilt, (com, recom, prem)
Mrs. C. M. Neal, best woven counterpane, $1.00
Mrs. Ralph Neal, best checked counterpane, (com. recom, prem.)
Mrs. J. E. Whitaker, best coverlet, $1.00
Mrs. Margaret Farmer, best woolen jeans, $1.00
Mrs. A. H. Zachry, best hearth rug, $1.00
Mrs. P. A. McCollum, best rug carpet, $1.00
Mrs. Ralph New, second best rug carpet, $1.00
Mrs. A. J. Crawley, Henry County, handsomest pillow cover, $1.00
Miss Jessie Winburn, best shirt made by a girl under 13 years, $2.00
Mrs. Sarah Zachry, best child’s crotched saque, $1.00
Miss Graves, Newton County, best handkerchief, $1.00
Mrs. J. F. Marston, most beautiful shawl, $1.00
Mrs. E. C. Thrasher, best fancy knitting, $1.00
Mrs. Cowart, best specimen tatin, $1.00
Miss L. O. Reed, best tidy, $1.00
Miss C. Marston, best lamp or vase mat, $1.00
Miss Mary White, best tidy on java canvas, $1.00
Miss M. A. Wallace, best pin cushion, $1.00
Mrs. Mars, 70 years of age, Newton Co., best specimen embroidery, $1.00
Miss Carrie Stewart, best specimen applique work, $1.00
Miss J. D. Gray, Newton Co., best silk embroidery, $1.00
Miss S. G. Griffin, best display hair work, $1.00
Miss Adelia Winburn, best display wax work, $1.00
Miss Annie Lee, best display seed work, $1.00
Miss M. A. Taylor, best display rustic work, $1.00
Miss Puttin, Newton Co., best display bead work, $1.00
Miss C. Marston, best feather work, $1.00
Mrs. Carrie Stewart, best crocheting merit and variety, $1.00
Mrs. J. D. Gray, Newton Co., best Afghan, $1.00
Mrs. J. D. Winburn, best feather brush, $1.00
Master Charlie Robinson, Newton Co., carving in wood, $1.00
Mrs. A. J. Haygood, best catchall, $1.00
Miss Ella Hollingsworth, age 12, best calico quilt, $1.00
Miss Tiny Good, best ironed shirt, $1.00
Mrs. Carrie Stewart, best darned sock, $1.00

We would have liked to have shown the complete list;  but, the newspaper
editor failed to continue the list in the next issue as he indicated.
 There would have had to have been more farm related produce.  None-the-less,
this listing will give us "food" for thought.  We would like to know
if anyone knows what a log cabin quilt is.  Perhaps it was made from
random scraps of cloth in no particular order.  And, what about all
of the silk work?  It must have been terribly difficult and time consuming.
Who ever heard of making a pair of woolen jeans.  They were probably
made from scratch by spinning the wool and making the cloth on a loom.
Wonder when they started making them out of cotton. 

The names of the people could have been taken right from the history
of Rockdale.  The Marstons: Mr. Marston was a carpenter who built
much of the  town's houses and commercial buildings.  He built the
Zingara Lodge building.  The Strewarts were one of the earliest Conyers
families.  The Almands were merchants and influenced everything from
banking to undertaking.

The Zachrys: we know about their cemetery.

Mrs. S. M. Sanford:  she is probably the mother of the man for whom
Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga. is named. 

The White family for whom White Road is named. The Peek family:  Peek
Street is named for W. L. Peek.  He ran for governor on a third party
ticket. He failed to carry his home county.  He was very big in agricultural
matters.  There is a story behind every name. 

            Jackie's Figures on the Heritage Book

Since I am in the process of sending another sales tax report to the
state, thought you might would like to know of our progress with the
sale of the heritage book.

Book Sales                                        $59,432.97
Interest Earned(Money Market Acct)    * 896.78
Total Receipts                                  $ 60,329.75
Paid Out
Walsworth Publishing                       $ 29,507.64
Don Mills (Overruns)                          17,754.00
Ga. Sales Tax                                       2,332.51
Misc. Receipts                                   * 1,073.01
Books for Special Collections Room      8,970.45
Total Expense                                  $ 59,637.61
Cash on Hand                                      $ 692.14

* Money put in money market acct. until we started buying books for
Special Collections Room.
* Includes postage, mailers, advertising, post office box rent & misc.
supplies. Receipts available.

Respectfully Submitted
Heloise J. Smith, Treas.

If you have any books still available to sell, would you let me know.
Need to make a report to Don Mills. Also we have about 50 others available
for sale. Will have an ad coming out in the Library Newsletter. Reduced
price to $55.00. No reprints. May 1997 until 2006 a long time to continue
holding these. Still need your help to get them sold. (For your info,
we send cost of book to Don Mills when sold. These are considered
the overruns. Our profit on each book is $15.00)

(Ed: Our thanks to Jackie for a job well done.)

              Use of Obituary Copyright

I have a ton of obituaries and memorial cars collected by family members
that I would like to put up on a web site. My questions are about
copyright restriction in the USA:

- is the restriction on written material 80 years from the date of

- would that restriction cover memorial cards as well as obituaries?

Memorial cards are distributed at viewings and funerals; they contain
the deceased’s name, date of death, name of the funeral home, cemetery
etc. On the web site I would not copy the memorial card verbatim but
would put the information it contains on a form.

My interpretation is that copyright law covers intellectual property,
i.e. it would cover an obituary because someone wrote it, but a memorial
card is essentially a list of facts so it would not be covered. I’d
appreciate your opinions and comments.


Copyright does not exist in information. So, AFAIK, putting the information
from the memorial cards onto a form would not be in infringe anybody’s
copyright. Though putting scanned images of them on the web would
probably infringe copyright.

I cannot comment specifically on US law but internationally copyright
persist, in written material, for 70 years from the death of the author
(irrespective of who owns the copyright) - or if anonymous from the
date of publication.


Hi Sara, You could contact the paper or papers concerned and ask permission
to copy the obit and add a statement like the following ““All rights
reserved by “The Tribune” News paper of New York, USA.” You are in
effect giving then as being the source of the information. I have
found in most cases that the News Paper in question is only to willing
to allow this as they in turn get free Advertising.

Food for thought. Cheers, David.

Hi David,

Thanks for your response. I’ve done that in the past, with articles,
but unfortunately these obits are just clippings with no information
to identify which papers they came from.


Where I come from (originally), most obituaries are written by the
family and provided to the paper. The paper then prints them as a
service. The only ones that are written by the paper are the ones
with no family (who claims them) to write it for them. Those are usually
much shorter and have very little detail, especially about family

Likewise, the death notice / funeral cards are usually created by
the funeral home, not the paper.

- Andrew W Applegarth

...never considered copyright on an obituary before...


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