Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication     November, 2001

                          Anniversary Meeting Planned

Come and celebrate with us on our 8th year as the Rockdale County
Genealogical Society this Sunday Nov. 11th at 3:00 at the Nancy Guinn

Our speaker will be Stan Deaton from Georgia Historical Society and
also the editor of the Georgia Historical Quarterly speaking on the
Signers of the Declaration of Independence, a very appropriate topic
for a time such as this. Can you imagine what our ancestors would
be thinking about how their descendants would handle the freedom they
fought for? Stan was with us two years ago and gave us interesting
information on the missing Button Gwinnett.

Instead of our usual November “Foods of our Forefathers” this month,
bring finger foods for our refreshment time. We will do our feasting
at another meeting later.

As a side note, several will be leaving Saturday morning from the
Nancy Guinn Parking Lot at 9:00 sharp to go to the Georgia Archieves.
Wanta go? Call me.....770-483-2353
Jackie Smith

                   New Books on Shelf for use in Research

The South in the Building of the Nation Vol.1 GA R 975 Sou V.1

 The South in the Building of the Nation Vol.II GA R 975 Sou V.II

The South in the Building of the Nation Vol.III GA R 975 Sou V.III

The South in the Building of the Nation Vol.VII GA R 975 Sou V.VII

The War of The Rebellion (Union and Confed.) GA R 975.74 WAR Ser 1

Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Records 1785-1805 VI Ga R 975.8172 V.1

Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Records 1785-1805 VII GA R 975.8172 V.II

Georgia Comprehensive Financial Report 6/30/2001 GA R 353.9758 Geo

Medical and Surgical History War of Rebellion GA R 973.776 USS

Profiting from the Past (Econ.Impact Hist. Pres) GA R 975.8 Lei

Colonial Augusta (Key of the Indian Country) GA R 975.864 Col

 Founders and Patriots of America Index (DAR) GA R 016.92 Fou

           Library Visitors List Surnames Researched

William S. Anderson, 68 Russell Ave., Garden City, Ga. 31408 Researching

R. G. & Janie Mitchell, Conyers, Ga., Researching Borken/Mitchell

Sarah & Robert E. Kirby, Covington, Ga. 30016 No surnanes given

H. E. Hillman, Millcrest St., Conyers, Ga. 30012 No surnames given

G. A. Hurst, 2949 union Church Rd., Stockbridge, Ga. 30281, No surnames

Linnie Robinson, 405 4th St., Shannon, Ga. 30172, Researching Hammonds

Judy Youghn, Covington, Ga., Researching Bridges, Graham, Sanders,
Sellers, Youghn, Henry, Sorrows

Barbara Youngs, 43155 23nd St., West, Lancaster, CA. 93536, Researching

Cynthia C. White, 3017 Hwy 212 SW, Conyers, Ga. 30094, No Names Given

Stephanie Gonzales, 63 Frontier Dr., Conyers, Ga., No names given

Mike Cornelia, 3503 Honeycomb Dr., Conyers, Ga. 30094, No names given

Emmett & Cary Hall, 2071 W. Bellfort #221, Houston, TX 77054, Researching

Opry Williams, 159 Morehead Dr., Martenez, Ga. 30907, researching
Ayers, Carnes

Stephen Powers, Conyers, Ga. 30094, No names given

Robert L. Day, 573 E. Gulf Bend, St. George Island, Fl. 32328, Researching
Thomas Jefferson Day, Jr. Dec. 1927

                      Tidbits From the Past

The Conyers Coca Cola Bottling Company opened for business and began
bottling Coca Cola in Conyers on April 1, 1909. This per the local
newspaper of March 13, 1909.

       Nominating Committee Recommends Officers for 2002

The nominating committee recommends the following slate of officers
to be voted and installed at the meeting in January, 2002:

President: Judy Bond; Vice President: Rev. Carl Smith; Secretary:
Beverley Beale; Treasurer: Charles Reed;

The following board members to be voted or continued:

For 2002: Beverley Beale and Linda Ethridge. For 2003: Anne Walker
and Martha Brown. For 2004: Jackie Smith and Jarnett Wigington.

Committee chairmen who have agreed to serve for 2002:

Program Chairman: Roberta Agor-Wingo; Newsletter Editor: Marion T.

      Ancestry Plus Available at the Library

Ancestry Plus in now available on the research terminal at the Nancy
Guinn Memorial Library. It has vast resources to be used in research.
It has census records, military records, court records, immigration
records, periodicals and newspapers, birth, marriage and death records
among others which can be accessed on the terminal.

This is the commercially available records on which bills
itself as the number one source for family history online.

In addition, it has current events such as meetings and conferences
which are scheduled and online training courses. It has a section
devoted to new databases which have only recently become available.

It may be well worth your time to check it out. Can’t hurt to give
it a try. Since the library is paying to make it available, the members
of the Rockdale Genealogical Society are somewhat obligated to put
it to use.

                Pointed Quotes from the Past

If you think genealogy is a recent phenomenon, please note this taken
from the Conyers Weekly of August 20, 1898: Family trees originated
from genealogy seed. Also this: About half of our time is spend doing
things we should have done before.

        Donate Your Genealogy Books to the Library

The Nancy Guinn Memorial Library has gradually increased its genealogical
holdings primarily as a result of the Heritage Book Committee’s efforts.
The committee has spent about six thousand dollars adding to the collection.
Anyone browsing through the shelves will notice the books which have
the legend “Gift” pasted to the spine.

The committee is not alone in making such donations. Many individuals
have donated books. This is an excellent way to remember a deceased
loved one. For instance the “Index to Georgia Civil War Confederate
Pension Files” was donated by Mrs. Norman G. Owens in memory of Norman
A. Owens. This book is a valuable addition to the collection. And,
what a lasting, loving expression of sentiment it represents.

Many times a genealogist may order a book for his own use hoping to
find that elusive bit of information which has been escaping him.
Once the book is in hand, there may only be the slightest reference
to the information needed. Thereafter, the book may sit on a bookshelf
and see little use. The need to that particular researcher has been
met regretfully with little additional information. The book, however,
may have worlds of information which other researchers would die to
get their hands on. Such a book would find more effective use in the
collection at the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library’s special collections
room where it could be used extensively instead of languishing unused,
gathering dust in a private collection.

The library has a few copies of the book “Gone to Georgia”. The hardback
copy which is not circulated was donated by Harvey Cowan, the former
Citizen photographer who recently retired. The book is filled with
information on surnames from the Gwinnett County, Walton County area.
The book was originally in the private collection started by Harvey’s
mother, Mrs. Lucile Cowan. Mrs. Cowan was a historian and was the
person who did most of the work on “A History of Rockdale”. She is
no relation to Mr. Ed Cowan, one of the three editors of the book.
Although the book is not transcribed to her memory, those of us who
knew her can’t help but think about her when that book is noted.

If you have someone for whom you would like to purchase a book to
be transcribed to his or her memory, contact Jackie Smith, our President.
Jackie will assist you in choosing a suitable book to be used for
this purpose. Some of the books can be quite expensive. In such a
case, the Heritage Book Committee may be able share the expense. If
you have a collection which is getting unwieldy, the Nancy Guinn Library
will be happy to assist you by adding the books to the library’s collection.

(My appreciation to Jarnett Wigington, Vice President, for the information
which led to this article. -Ed.)

         Private Book Collections Needed for Web Site

In a related article in this newsletter we discussed donating genealogical
books to the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library. It was suggested that books
in private collections would be better utilized if they were donated
to the library instead of remaining in little-used private collections.
It is understandable that perhaps someone who has built an extensive
collection would be reluctant to part with cherished books which hold
information about the beloved members of their family tree. There
is a solution to this dilemma.

It would be wonderful if we could catalogue the books held by our
members. If you have looked at the web site of our editor
you have no doubt noted that the genealogical books held in the Nancy
Guinn Memorial Library are listed. They are listed alphabetically
by title and provide the catalogue reference number. This was done
to provide our members with a way to quickly find needed information
when they come to the library. If you had not realized this was possible,
please take note; and, in the future take advantage of this in your

The same thing could be done with books in the private collections.
Your editor will be happy to list the books in the private collections
and provide reference to who has the book in each case. This can be
added to the web site alongside the books at the Nancy Guinn Library.

There is a downside to this; as you have no doubt realized. This may
open the door to having many requests for look-ups in the books. Still,
there is a way to avoid the hassle. A suggestion would be to restrict
use of the books to e-mail requests to have a particular book available
at the next scheduled genealogical meeting. This would avoid the longwinded
phone conversations which would inevitably come requesting immediate
look-up while on the phone. No one appreciates having such interruptions.
Not everyone has e-mail; so, it might be necessary to route requests
through someone who has computer access.

This may not be such a big problem as it seems at first look. We in
our club have always encouraged sharing of information because we
know that data can travel both ways. There is not one member who has
not received, at one time or the other, some information from someone
who was willing to share. Often, the information received could not
have been obtained through any other source.

  Georgia Genealogical Quarterly Information Provided

The Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly is a source of much information
which can be used in your research. The Nancy Quinn Memorial Library
has the Subject Index on the shelves at: (GA R 929.3 McL). This index
is, of course, a reference to subjects covered by the Quarterly but
not the surnames. The Library has a surname index on microfilm which
can be found in the microfilm cabinet. It is in the bottom drawer
in the far right cabinet. It covers volumes one through sixteen. Look
for the only roll of film which has a black box.

The Nancy Guinn Library does not have all issues of the Quarterly.
The Library only has volumes nine through sixteen which are covered
by the surname index. The issues of the Quarterly after number sixteen
have an index in each issue.

It may help you to look at the index on microfilm for any surnames
which you may be researching. If volumes one through eight are indicated,
you will have to try another library to look for the entry in those
issues, since Nancy Guinn only has issues nine through sixteen. We
are not aware of which libraries may have issues one through eight.
Certainly, the State Archives should have them. Most likely, the larger
libraries will have them. If volumes nine through sixteen are indicated,
Nancy Guinn has them and you can look for the information here.

The microfilm surname index lists the full name of the subjects. This
alone can be informative. You will know that someone has registered
an inquiry or placed information concerning a specific individual
in the Quarterly. You will be able to note the names in the index
which you will want to research when you visit the Archives if the
issue isn’t at Nancy Guinn.

        Nancy Guinn Web Site Reminder

The Nancy Quinn Memorial Library is on-line with a web site. The site
is at:

The site has links to various other sites concerned with Rockdale
County one of which is the site maintained by your editor for the
genealogy indices which he maintains.

You will be surprised at the quality of the site.  Give it a  look.

       Rockdale County Web Site Noted

The Rockdale County Web site remains available for your use.  This
site is at:

This site was originally intended to provide a message board for genealogical
purposes.  It also has a chat room.

The site has received scant use during its four-year life although
it has great potential.  Members of the Genealogical Society could
use it as a meeting forum.  The chat room will handle as many as twenty
or more individuals at a time.  This could allow a meeting to be held
from the comfort of your home. People at a distance could attend the
meeting as conveniently as those nearby.

The message board is as convenient as e-mail and has the added effect
of being available at all times of the night or day.

There is an old saying, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't
make him drink."  This may be one of those cases.

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