Nancy Guinn Memorial Library

                           864 Green St. 
                           Conyers, Ga. 30012

         Hours: Monday to Thursday 10-8
                Friday & Saturday 10-5
                Sunday 1-5

         The catalog of books is available via the Pines Network,
         a statewide library network.  You can access the network
         at Pines.  
         You may sign-on as a guest.

         Genealogical facilities:
              The library has a large genealogical room.  There are 
         four microfilm readers available.  Two of them have copy 
         making capability. The room is spacious with comfortable 
         chairs, tables, and counters.

         Genealogical materials available:
         Microfilm :

         Georgia Census 1920 R233-386
         Georgia Census 1920 Soundex R1-200
         Georgia Census 1910 R170-220 (Soundex missing)
         Georgia Census 1900 R178-230 (missing 208,227) Soundex missing
         Georgia Census 1880 R133-172
         Georgia Census 1880 Soundex (missing 744) R45,65
         Georgia Census 1870 R134-184
         Georgia Census 1860 R111-153 (Some missing)
         Georgia Census 1850 R61-96 (Some missing)
         Georgia Census 1840 R37-53
         Georgia Census 1830 R16-21 (missing R19)
         Georgia Census 1820 R6-9

         North Carolina 1810 R38
         North Carolina 1850 R619-654
         North Carolina 1890 R58
         South Carolina 1810 R60-61
         South Carolina 1850 R848-868 (Some missing)
         South Carolina 1890 R93

         Tennessee 1850 R869-907

         Virginia 1850 R932-993 (missing R936)

         Revolutionary War Rolls R32,R396, R1
         Confederate, Colonial and Revolutionary War Records 24 Reels

A large collection of genealogical books is available also.