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                                                       May,  2013

                        "Manifold Greatness"

The Nancy Guinn Library will host the National Traveling Exhibit of
the King James Bible from May 29th July 12, 2013. The exhibit is called
“Manifold Greatness”, the creation and afterlife of the King James
Bible. The exhibit will be open during regular library hours Monday
through Thursday from 10:00am to 8:00pm; and Friday and Saturday from
10:00am to 5:00pm.

The library is located at 864 Green Street in Conyers, Ga. 30012.
Information about the exhibit is on the web at: Click Here
You can also get information from the Library web site at: Click Here

               Upcoming Speakers

May - 19th –
Bob and Ruth Morton will be speaking to us on Sunday, May 19th. They
just returned from serving at the Family History Center in Salt Lake
City. They will be discussing the latest tools and resources available
at the library, how we can make better use of and

June - 9th
Ben CARTER – to call me back by May 15, 2013 w/subject

July - 14th –
Patti WILSON – Tools Used Beyond the Norm

August - 11th –
Laura Carter – Family Search-Wiki, The Underused Source

September 8, 2013
Joanne SMALLEY – Top Ten County Records for
Genealogical Research

                    Our New Secretary 
    From Ellen Blakeslee, Secretary

I am pleased to join the Board of the Rockdale County Genealogical
Society as the new Secretary. Just a little bio. I live in Newton
County (actually on the cusp of Rockdale County) . I am a professional
genealogist willing to work in any Georgia County or for that matter
anywhere the ancestor takes me. I currently volunteer at the Newton
County Library in their Heritage Room. If you are not familiar with
the Heritage Room at the Newton County Library, it is their Genealogy
Room with 4 computers dedicated to Genealogy plus reference books.
My main goal is to help with Family research for any Pines Library
patron. I feel that the Heritage Room needs to be promoted more. I
am also a member of the Newton County Historical Society and a committee
member of their Archives. I have been searching for my family ancestors
for over 35 years and professionally for 2 years. Surnames of my ancestors
are Glasgow, Thompson, Maloney, Managun, Yost, Vail. These, however,
have all Northern roots.

As Newton County does not have a Genealogical Society, I am pleased
to help Rockdale County Genealogical Society grow and would like to
welcome Newton County family researchers and genealogists. I ask for
your help. If you know of anyone interested in family research or
a genealogist, whether they live in Rockdale or Newton County, please
welcome them to our group.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of being a part of your friendly
genealogical society.

Ed:  We are pleased with the way Ellen is handling the job of secretary.
 We are getting copies of minutes promptly by email of the meetings.

         Planning for National Genealogy Month

October is National Genealogy Month. Planning is underway to provide
instruction and displays at both the Newton and Rockdale Libraries
during The Month of October.

A meeting has been tentatively set for Tuesday, May 28th at the Newton
County Library Heritage Room at 2 pm for this purpose. We hope you
will be able to join us and help with this worthwhile endeavor. Anyone
who has information and materials which can be used is requested to
attend and take part in the planning.

       Southern Applachian Genealogy Association

SAGA is a brand new society, organized on 10 April 2013. We’re looking
for researchers who are ready, willing, and able to help us grow.
Please explore our web site. Join our free mailing list (below) to
receive updates on our progress, or contact us if you have questions.
We look forward to meeting you!

Officers include: Dawn Watson, President & Gerre Byrd, Treasurer.
Dues are $15.00 per year.

Pull up the “site” for more information regarding our activities and
your benefits. WEBSITE: Click Here

        A Digest of Ken Thomas' Articles

You might be surprised to find your ancestors in the laws of Georgia
(or any other state) but to check early Georgia laws where people
showed up as incorporators for cities, churches and schools, check
GALILEO at UGA by doing a Google search for "Georgia Legislative Documents".
You might be surprised what turns up.

The Georgia Archives Virtual Vault where great research treasures
are stored in digital format has been repaired and is now open for
research. This is the major place on the Georgia Archives website
to go to look for all sorts of research materials about Georgia including
land records, pensions, marriage records, death certificates, and
a whole lot more. Check it out at . Click Here
The archives remains open to the public two days a week only,
Fridays and Saturdays, 8:30 until 5.

With the end of the GA Legislature on March 28, the following was

1. The bill to transfer the administration of the GA Archives to the
Board of Regents was passed by both houses and goes to the governor’s
desk for signature, effective July 1.

2. The State Budget, after the conference committee, did include $300,000
more for the GA Archives than the governor originally proposed in
January. This should include money for a few more staff members and
to be open another day or so. All up the the Board of Regents, Univ.
System of GA and the GA Archives to decide as the transfer takes shape.
Don’t expect things to change immediately.

This has taken a lot of time and effort since the Sept. 13 Draconian
announcement by the Sec of State whom we should all remember is up
for reelection in 2014. I hope everyone will recall how he treated
the great treasures of Georgia History when the time comes.
Thanks to all those who worked hard since September to keep the GA
Archives open and to get money back in the budget although it must
be recalled that even with this money, they are not back to where
they were even a year ago. It will take a long time to get back up
to a lot more staff and a more viable operation.

Every contact helped and don’t let up on your representatives and
senators thank them if you see them, thank them again if you wrote
them, thank them even if they didn’t do much just hold them to the
cause and let them know you will be on this case again late next fall
and into the 2014 session the election year session since they will
be up for re-election as well (or defeat).

One has always needed to check the status of records, as many courthouse
officials often try to turn away researchers by saying there had been
a fire and everything was gone. Never believe such statements, check
for yourself.

George Coletti will speak on "Little Known Facts about the Civil War
in DeKalb County and Georgia" on May 21 at noon at the DeKalb History
Center's Lunch and Learn event. Dr. Coletti is known for his knowledge
of Stone Mountain and his book "Stone Mountain: the Granite Sentinel."
At the Old Courthouse on the Square in Decatur. Free, bring your own
lunch. For further information, check  Click Here
and "events" or call 404-373-1088, ext. 23.

On May 6, 2013, the Bill transferring the GA Archives to the Board
of Regents, Univ. System of GA was signed into law by Gov. Nathan

--Ken Thomas

                  Free EBook Offer

Special Free eBook Offer: Family Treasures—15 Lessons, Tips and Tricks
for Discovering Your Family History

This is a limited time offer. Barry J. Ewell will share with you a
PDF of his book Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for
Discovering Your Family History (437 pages). The resource will help
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                One Hundred Years Ago

Bonds were sold for $40,000 for construction of a water system for
the City of Conyers.  Twenty thousand were issued for the sewer system.

Gus Almand offered for sale a E.M.F. "30" automobile.  Does anyone
know what this is?

John H. Hewlett was on the honor roll of the second grade.  Lawrence
Veal was on the honor roll of the third grade.

Collection for the Confederate monument had been started in 1908.
 It was unveiled on April 26, 1913. The McNeal Monument Co. did the
work on it for $1,500.00.  The statue of the soldier on the top was
ordered from Italy.  

                          Lucas Homeplace

                                                   Lucas Home Place In 1946

Robert Aycock <>

Robert Aycock is looking for information regarding the Lucas homeplace.
We know that Charles Lucas was the original landlot owner for the
317 landlot of the 4th Dist. The homeplace was likely to have been
in the area  where Pleasant Hill Road and Highway 20 intersect in
northern Rockdale County. The photograph was taken in 1946. The house
was known to be over one hundred years old at that time. We don’t
know the names of the three ladies shown in the photograph.

The Born Lucas Cemetery where Charles Lucas and others of the Lucas
family are buried is also in the 317th Landlot. Several graves for
the Aycock Family are there also. We are certain that the house no
longer stands; but, we would like to pinpoint its location. If you
have any information, please email Robert Aycock.

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