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                                                      May, 2012


        Some Notes from 100 Years Ago


Prof. S. V. Sanford, teacher of English, State University, at Athens,
spent Thursday and Friday evening in Conyers.

Prof. Sanford spent his boyhood days in this city, and while there
this week has kept quite busy shaking hands with his many friends.
This was Prof. Sanford’s first visit to his old home town since 1898
and the day was pleasantly spent mingling with old acquaintances of
boyhood days.

He is one of the many Conyers boys who after leaving to make their
home elsewhere, has made a success in life.

Ed:  The football stadium at Athens is named for this son of Rockdale

    Highway 20 Established 100 Years Ago
 A. S. Farmer, J. L. Shaw and B. S. Graham, having applied for the
opening and establishing of a new public road, commencing near bridge
across Yellow river at Milstead, in the 16th district, G. M., said
county, and running thence in a north-easterly direction as per pegs
and along the line as surveyed by T. P. Stanley, the surveyor.

The total proposed length of the the road is to be eight miles.

           War of 1812 Information

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 which began
on June 18, 1812, and came to the Georgia coast in 1814. One of the
legacies of the war is the Star-Spangled Banner, written in 1814 as
a poem and published in newspapers around the nation almost immediately,
including in Savannah.

        Name Variations From Ken Thomas,, and, have joined together
to create an open-source database of name variants that is free for
any website or genealogy software developer to use. It is said to
be better than Soundex. You can help by adding your name variations
to the database. To find, go to Google and search for “We Relate,
Variant Names Project” and after reviewing the page you will see where
one can add other variations.

              Finding Your Roots TV Show

The series “Finding Your Roots” already in progress on Georgia Public
Broadcasting is hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and follows
similar series he hosted over the last several years. In this new
series on PBS, which began March 25, each hour show will feature two
well-known people whose stories are connected, either by their location
or some feature. Atlanta Congressman John Lewis was featured on the
first night. To view episodes you might have missed, or get the full
lineup for the rest of the series, go to Here
. There is also a companion volume available as well as other important
genealogy links on the website. The series is scheduled to run through
May 20. Check local listings at and check out “finding
your roots.” The series “Who Do You Think You Are?” is running on
NBC on Friday nights at 8 p. m.

             Web Site for Latin Information
Anyone who has done genealogy for a while knows that many Latin words
are abbreviated and used in many legal records. One easy site to go
to learn what the words mean, as well as some other words you may
never have seen, is . Click Here Once there, search for
“Latin” and see what you find. While many may use the abbreviation
“d.s.p.” for died without issue or children, in Latin it is more properly
“ob. s. p.,” or more fully “obiit sine proles.” If a man died who
was single, he could be referred to as “obiit caelebs.”

                 Cell Phone App For Grave Sites

A new app for one’s iPhone and Android phone is available to use in
recording tombstones to a site . Click Here One has to
go there to figure out how to get the app, costs, and the processes
for using it. But for those genealogists moving into the latest technology,
this might be worth getting into. The site is new, but for cemeteries
that have been recorded, one can search by name, see the headstones,
and groupings thereof. The better-known site, ,Click Here
has been a boon lately to many folks, and is always worth adding to,
since someone might link to your research interest that way.

          Ancestry and Archives to Combine

PROVO, Utah (AP) — Inc. will acquire rival family history
website for about $100 million in cash and assumed liabilities,
the companies announced Wednesday.

The two companies said they’re combining their strengths and key employees
but will maintain separate websites. offers access to about 2 billion historical records,
from birth records to obituaries. It has 380,000 paying customers.
Ancestry has 1.8 million customers. It’s the world’s largest online
family history resource, with 9 billion records.

Over the past two years, Archives has partnered with organizations
that have helped it build a collection of family history records.
Most recently, Archives teamed with the U.S. National Archives to
provide free digital access to the recently released 1940 U.S. Census., based in Provo, Utah, said it will continue to operate separately, retaining the brand and website. Key Inflection
employees, including product and engineering executives, are expected
to join the Ancestry team.

Ed: It looks like you will have to pay for two separate memberships
in order to access both services.

           Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

Marion, this is what I have set up so far:

JUNE 10th - waiting to hear from a possibility

JULY 8th - Joanne SMALLEY, retired from The Georgia State Archives

AUGUST 12th - Dawn WATSON, a professional genealogist -

SEPTEMBER 9th - Robert Willingham, Jr. - author of Deadly Trust -

OCTOBER 14th - Laura Carter, of the Heritage Room, Athens-Clarke Co.

More info forthcoming. gb

        Inquiry Regarding Whitaker Family

Sir, I have enjoyed your web page and have talked to Conyers Library,
I am confused because I have death certificates that say Arthur, d.
July 1941, b. Apr 1866 is buried in East View Cemetery in Conyers
and his wife Ella Tucker d. 1 Dec 1937, he is the son of Arnold and
Martha Ann (Thorne) Whitaker that is listed in Vol II, p. 239. Do
you know if the Whitaker plot has unmarked graves. White Funeral Home
is no longer in business.

We would appreciate any help you could give us.
Thank you kindly, Juanita P. Dixon

Dear Juanita, My web page cemetery listing shows the following:
Whitaker, Ailey Rebecca Mrs. East View Cem. Vol. 1 Whitaker, Arnold
Whitaker Cem. 239 Whitaker, Effie L. Whitaker Cem. 239 Whitaker, G.
W. Whitaker Cem. 239 Whitaker, John Ephram East View Cem. Vol. 1 Whitaker,
Martha A. Whitaker Cem. 239

You have me stumped. I am not sure about the East View Plot or where
the Whitaker Cemetery is located. It is shown at:
Whitaker Cemetery 145-F-3 206 10th Hwy. 20 W. South of Lost Valley

Scott Ward Funeral Home replaced White funeral home. They may have
information. If I can come up with anything, I will let you know.
- Marion Farmer

Dear Marion, I already looked at this and the library is sending me
a copy of page 239 Vol II.

My concern why those books didn’t show the Big Whitaker plot in in
East View Cemetery, we couldn’t remember if Arthur “son of the one
you have listed had their full birth date on the head stones, we think
it had only the years Ella died 1937 and he died 1941., we have proof
of months and years. Arnold was in the GA House of Representatives
1927-1928 and served on the Rockdale school board. Do you know if
GA has ever published any bio’s for their House of representatives?
Voters Registration says they have to destroy that information as
soon as someone dies. I have thought of drivers license. Not knowing
GA laws I feel handicapped. Who should be contacted that someone missed
a lot of graves?

Thank you for your time.

Juanita, There is a new listing of the cemeteries on CD. This was
completed last year. Judy Bond is marketing the CD for $50.00. I do
not have a copy of the CD. The new CD may have the information you
need. It is supposed to be more complete and even has photos of the
cemetery plots. Judy’s email is I hope it
is still correct. I don’t know if she is looking up information for
free or not. You can give her a try; can’t hurt.

I was doing some research in the old Conyers Newspapers for May, 1912
(one hundred years ago) and noted that Dave Whitaker and C. B. Irwin
were opening a bicycle and auto repair shop adjacent to Irwin’s Jewelry
Store in Conyers. Could this be a relative? - Marion

Dear Juanita, I finally found the Whitaker plot in East View cemetery.
It only has two markers for John Ephram and Ailey Rebecca. It is a
large plot and could easily have several unmarked graves in it. If
there is another plot, I haven’t found it. - Marion

Thank you Marion - Juanita

                             A Poem

    A Family Historian’s Lament

I’ve been doing family history for nearly thirty years,
 Diligently tracing my illustrious forbears,
From Pigeon Forge to Peterborough, Penrith to Penzance,
My merry band of ancestors has led me quite a dance.
There’s cooks from Kent and guards from Gwent
and chimney sweeps from Chester.
There’s even one daft fisherman lived all his life in Leicester,
There’s no one rich or famous, no not even well-to-do,
Though a second cousin twice removed once played in goal for Crewe.
I’ve haunted record offices from Gillingham to Jarrow,
The little grey cells of my mind would humble Hercule Poirot.
I’ve deciphered bad handwriting that would shame a three year old,
And brought the black sheep of the family back to the fold.
My bride of just three minutes, I left standing in the church
As I nipped into the graveyard for a spot of quick research.
Eventually I found an uncle, sixty years deceased,
That was far more satisfying than a silly wedding feast.
After three weeks of wedded bliss, my wife became despondent
 She named the public records office as the co-respondent.
I didn’t even notice when she packed her bags and went.
I was looking for a great granddad’s will who’d died in Stoke on Trent
But now my 30 year obsession’s lying in the bin.
Last Tuesday week, I heard some news that made me pack it in.
Twas then my darling mother, who is not long for this earth,
Casually informed me they’d adopted me at birth!

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