Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication
                                                                    May, 2004

                               Agenda For Future Meetings     

** John Vogt, Owner of Iberian Publishing ? In costume, speaking on
Colonial VA, Migrations in and out of VA, & Finding Your Relatives
in VA    John will bring books to sell at the request of the Program
Committee. MAY 16, 2004
** Share Day ? Researchers? genealogy. Bring books of documents/source
information and family history compilations; a time to ?show off?.    JUNE
13, 2004
* Robert Davis, Jr., Director Family & Regional History Program, Wallace
State College, Hanceville, AL.Mr.. Davis will be continuing his very
informative talk:  Resources for GA Research. JULY 11, 2004 
** Bertha Little ? Early Settlers Along the GA Coast AUGUST 8, 2004
** David Lineweber ? Civil War music with instruments SEPTEMBER 12,
** Martha Brown - Sailing Ships OCTOBER 10, 2004
**Celebration, Reflection, & Refreshments ? Beginnings, Accomplishments,
& Vision NOVEMBER 14, 2004

-Gerre Byrd , Program Cochairman

                     Library Researchers Provide Research Information

Clement Brown, Conyers, Ga., 30012, Researching information on Judges
in Georgia.

R. G. Mitchell, Conyers, Ga. Researching Mitchell. (He made two visits)

Gary N. Saxton, 2261 Briarwood Cir., SW, Conyers, Ga. 30094. Researching
Saxons in Ohio and Michigan especially Monroe and Washterew County

Phillip Colbert, Covington, Ga. Researching cemetery information.

Willie G. Green, 329 Glenn Rd., Conyers, Ga. Researching genealogy.

Dennis Garrett, 3836 Panola Rd., Lithonia, Ga. 30038. Researching
Wallace, Peek, Bradford, Duncan, and Graham.

Trudy Eastman, P. O. Box 577, Tulelake, CA., 96134. Researching Moore
and Patrick.

P. J. Satterfield, 180 Lake Side Dr., Covington, Ga. Researching Scott
and Bailey.

Travis Cresswell, Conyers, Ga. Researching history of Conyers.

Evelyn and J. B. Mays, Jr., 1800 Fate Conn Rd., Canton, Ga., 30014.
Researching Mays, Miners, and McCarts.

D. Joiner, Conyers, Ga. No names given.

Dorothy and Priscilla Shelton, Conyers, Ga. Researching information
for Henry Lett.

Shannon Costley, 301 Hightower Tr. Rd., Conyers, Ga. 30012. No names

                     Books Placed on Shelves for Ethridge and Read

Donated to the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library by the Rockdale County
Genealogical Society in memory of Linda Smith Ethridge: “Smith Wills-Deeds
& Family Histories, Vol. 1, compiled by Linda G. Cheek. The book is
located on the shelves at: GA R 929.2097 CHE V.1.

Donated to the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library by the Rockdale County
Genealogical Society in memory of Mr. Charles Read: “Obituaries from
Tennessee Newspapers” by Jill L. Garrett. The book is located on the
shelves at: GA R 976.8293 GAR.

Linda Smith Ethridge was first president of the Rockdale County Genealogical
Society. Charles Read was Treasurer for nine years. Both of these
individuals were dedicated genealogists who worked tirelessly to promote
and encourage genealogical research.

                             Bonner Talk on GWTW of Interest

Peter Bonner was our speaker at the February meeting. He spoke about
“Gone With The Wind”. He is uniquely qualified to talk on this subject
since he routinely conducts tours at the Jonesboro train depot which
display period costumes and relics of the civil war era. One of the
interesting aspects of the talk was his remark that all of the incidents
in the book are true. Margaret Mitchell indicated this in a letter
dated July 11, 1936.

Mr. Bonner conducts tours Monday through Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at
the Jonesboro depot.

His talk was very interesting and informative. He praised genealogists
and encouraged them to continue to dig up facts which are essential
to historians. “Keep doing it”, he admonished the audience.
Mr. Bonner has a web site about his tours at:
Click here to go there.

               Rockdale's Gone With The Wind Connection

Margaret Mitchell’s father, Eugene Muse Mitchell, was a noted lawyer
and leader in the cultural development of Atlanta. He was born in
Atlanta, son of Russell Crawford Mitchell (1837-1905). Russell was
a prominent lumber dealer in Atlanta. He was born in Madison County,
Georgia, a son of Isaac Green Mitchell (1810-1881), a Methodist minister.
Russell Crawford Mitchell is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

The first to settle in the area that became Rockdale County was William
Mitchell (1777-1859). William, the father of Isaac G. Mitchell, moved
in 1834 or 1835 to a farm on South River, below Flat Shoals, or Panola,
in Henry, now Rockdale County about 12 miles southeast of Decatur,
Georgia. He and his son, Isaac G. Mitchell in additon to some other
members of the family, are buried in a family cemetery on this farm.
Much of the land is now part of Little Mountain Golf Course. There
is a subdivision with houses on a street which runs by the cemetery.

This cemetery lies in Rockdale County very close to the Henry County
line within sight of Panola Mountain. It is on record as the Mitchell
Cemetery. There are only three marked graves. The others are in unmarked

Margaret Mitchell’s maternal ancestors lived in Fayetteville, Georgia
and are buried in the town cemetery in Fayetteville. It is this locale
that is generally credited with being the locations used in the book,”Gone
With The Wind”. We wonder, though, if the plantation used in the book
may have been the farm that now is in Rockdale. We must note that
it was a farm and not a plantation for neither of the elder Mitchells,
William or Isaac, owned slaves.

John T. Mitchell was a brother to Isaac G. Mitchell, both of whom
were sons of William Mitchell. John T. was the father of A. P. Mitchell
who served as sheriff of Rockdale County from 1881 to 1883.

Rockdale County can lay claim to a part of the heritage of ”Gone With
The Wind” since the Mitchell Family is part of the history of Rockdale
County. We can almost hear Scarlet after the all-night ride to escape
from Atlanta saying to Melanie, “Don’t worry, Melly; we’ll be home

The Mitchell Family is covered extensively in “Atlanta And Environs”
by Franklin M. Garrett. The book is on the shelves of the Nancy Guinn
Memorial Library at GA R 975.82 GAR.

                         Web Site On-line About Milstead

I’m really excited about all the contributions to the Milstead site!
There are a few new pages....

Check out the military heroes - we have some additional tributes there
- including the Robinsons, Galen Foster, Larry Hancock, and a tribute
to Danny Dean McGee, a Milstead resident killed in the Vietnam War.

There are also a couple of new pages with pictures of the men’s and
women’s volleyball teams - probably from 1953. (courtesy of Vanishing

I also ripped-off an email that my mother sent about ‘washing clothes’
in the ‘old days’ <g> That might be of some interest to some of you.

Several people have helped identify some of the baseball players in
the baseball picture and some of the participants in the covered dish
picture - so be sure to check out the additions to those pages.

One last thing - several people have asked me about genealogical information
about people from Milstead. I’m going to try to add some of that to
the site as time allows. In particular - I’ve had a few people ask
about the family history of Frank Milstead who founded Callaway Mills
in Milstead. If anyone has any information on that I’d be happy to
pass that on and post it on the site.

Thanks everybody!

Click here to go to the page

                        Information for on-line Research

I’m just getting started in researching the family trees for both
my husband and myself. Is it worth it to subscribe to
or search programs? What is the best way to go? I could
probably do most of the searching I need in just a couple months--how
easy is it to unsubscribe? Pat (Pat)

The first thing to keep in mind is that most (not all) information
on the web consists of indexes, not original data, and must be verified
from the original documents (because of transcription and other errors).
As to subscribing to an online database, you may want to check with
your local public library. My library has free from its
computers and HeritageQuest free from one’s home computer if one has
a library card. As to whether it’s worth it, I personally have found of limited utility, but HeritageQuest of immense help.
Others may be able to answer your questions about subscription issues.
Kathy ------- End of Forwarded Message Kathy Lenerz <>

HeritageQuest appears to just have CDs for sale, or am I missing something.
It looks a little pricey if you have much searching to do. Pat -------
End of Forwarded Message (PEmpson181)

No, you’re missing something. They used to sell CDs but now their
data is available only through libraries. uses the Heritage
Quest database for their censuses. My local library does not offer
Heritage Quest (only Ancestry and that only in the library, no access
from home), however both my sister and mother’s libraries offer HQ
at home. If you’re interested in HQ and your library doesn’t offer
it, try   Godfrey   which is the Godfrey Library in Middletown,
CT. You can join it for $35 a year and have access to all their databases.
-- Pam “Pam” <> ...Or try Pam's page
a neighboring town’s library that has low or no non-resident fees
that *does* offer access to Heritage Quest databases via the internet.
I recently ran into this problem and found a library about 20 miles
away that doesn’t charge non-resident fees and gave me access to the
HQ databases the same day. -- Barb Orange County, Indiana, Marriage
Record Index:
“Barb Wise” <>click here

No, HeritageQuestONLINE has almost ALL US census information on-line
and with searchable indexes! Have a ‘brickwall’? I did and searched
for the (pretty unique) first name ONLY, and found they had changed
the spelling of the name! I am a BIG fan of HeritageQuestOnLine -
you can get free access through a library. Write me for more details.
- RM Rick Merrill <>

First I would do everything I could through your local library, court
house, genealogy club or organization and or local LDS library. Then
it would depend on how far back you want to go. It also depends on
if you want to find out about aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. And also
how into the information you want to go. Do you want to find out birth
/ death / marriage / immigration / records / adoptions / funeral information
/ newspaper information, were there any pictures / awards / survivor
benefit papers / did they work for the railroad / gvt agencies / in
the military? Visit some of the free sites on the internet such as   Rootsweb

 or maybe the Mormon/LDS site Mormon/LDS  Family History

or  Family Search

just to see what they have. I started
out with just my Father and Mother and their parents and not much
of anything. I also had to have openheart surgery many years ago so
I wanted to find out about the health history of my family. I now
have 12 full to overstuffed 3 ring binders of pictures, newspaper
items, birth / marriage / death records, citizenship papers, awards,
funeral information, civil war, WWI, WWII, war of 1812, and so forth.
I have gained many many new friends, family and can go back to my
17th great grandfather on one side. And yes, on several sides there
is a prevalence of heart problems and I was the one that got the double
whammy. So, - Yes, once you get into the family history you are seeking
by all means pay for like 1 month of either kindred connections,
or To begin with start with what you know and write
it all down, get a genealogy book from the library or go to RootsWeb
or Cyndis    and look for beginning help and go from
there. Bj “barbara” <>

HeritageQuest Online is accessed from your home, through your local
county public library website using your library card #. That is IF
your library has subscribed to is around $2,000 a year cost
to the library. HeritageQuest Online has US CENSUS, SEARCHABLE GENEALOGICAL
BOOKS,( HISTORIES, JOURNALS) (every word searchable), and now PERSI.
Persi is an index to Genealogical Societies periodicals and the societies’
different projects that are published. I understand soon HeritageQuest
Online will have the complete Persi articles online with every word
searchable. If your public library is not subscribed, talk with them
about it OR log onto ....which is a public library
(of which I can not remember where at this moment), and you can join
to get a library card and # from them (for $35.00 a year ) with which
to use through their library website to access HeritageQuest Online
from your home.Godfrey Memorial Library website has other searchable
genealogical info you can access with their library card #. Hopes
this helps, cj “C. J. Lloyd” <>

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