Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication
                                            May, 2002

                       Meeting Scheduled for May 19, 2002

The meeting normally scheduled for the second Sunday has been changed
to the third Sunday in order not to conflict with Mothers day. The
speaker will be Ted Brook of the East Georgia Genealogy Society. He
will speak on "A Living History of Lt. James Brook, CSA, Ga. 34th

                New Books on Shelf for use in Research

Index Ga.1867-1868 Qualified Voters Ga. R 929.3758
Oconee County Cemetery Inscriptions Ga. R 929.5 CEM
Worthington, Settlement of & Old Point Comm. Ga. R 977.242 WEE
Camden County, Camden’s Challenge Ga. R 975.8
Researchers Guide to Amer. Genealogy Ga. R 929.1092 GRA
Charlton County, Ga. Historical Notes 1972 Ga. R 958.752 CHA
Virginia in the 1600’s, An Index Ga. R 929.3955 VIR
Marriages of Some American Residents & Guide Ga. R 929.373 Mar V.5
Owen County Indiana, A History Ga. R 977.243 OWE
Georgia’s Disputed Ruins Ga. R 975.8 COU
Salzburger Emigrants, Detailed Reports Vol. 1 Ga. R 975.8 URL Vol 1
Salzburger Emigrants, Detailed Reports Vol. 2 Ga. R 975.8 URL Vol 2
Salzburger Letterbooks, Henry Newman’s Ga. R 274.363 HEN
South Carolinians in the Revolution Ga. R 973.3457 ERV
Raburn County, Ga.Genealogy Extract Court Cases Ga. R 929.3758 Koy
Virginia Families, Genealogies of Vol. III Ga. R 929.3755 GEN V.3
Virginia Families, Genealogies of Vol. IV Ga. R 929.3755 GEN V.4
Forsyth County, Ga. Marriage Records 1833-1933 Ga. R 937.5826 BRO
Jackson County, Ga. Deed Abstracts 1808-1822 Ga. R 929.3758 POS
Georgia Militia, 1864 Census for Re-Organizing Ga. R 973.7458 COR
Salem Baptist Church - Official Records Vol. 1 Ga. R 975.8125 SALV.1
Salem Baptist Church - Official Records Vol. 2 Ga. R 975.8125 SALV.2
Philadelphia Methodist Sunday School Records Ga. R 975.8215 SUN
Philadelphia Un.Meth.Woman’s Society 1941-1945 Ga. R 975.8215 PHI
Philadelphia Meth. Church Register 1929 Ga. R 975.8215 CHU
Virginia Families, Tidewater Ga. R 929.2097 DAV
Cavaliers and Pioneers (VA) Vol III 1695-1732 Ga. R 929.3755 NUG
Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823 Ga. R 929.3 POT
Mitchell, John, The History of and Descendants Ga. R 929.2 MIT
National Huguenot Society Bible Records Ga. R 929.3088 FIN
Georgia Report of the State Auditor 6/30/2001 Ga. R 353.9758 GEO
Memories From the Marshes of Glynn World War II Ga. R 975.8742 MEM
Lincoln County, North Carolina, Annals of Ga. R 975.6782 SHE
Wilkes County, Georgia Deed Books 1784-1806 Ga. R 929.3758 FAR
Promised Land, The (Ante-Bellum Georgia) Ga. R 975.8
Wilkes County Papers, the 1773-1833 Ga. R 929.3758 DAV
Wilkes County Papers, Supplement to 1773-1889 Ga. R 975.8172 DAV
Hillhouse Furnace, Fort, Whites Mill, Ga. R 975.801 FLO
Rogers Family, Rogers Mill, History of Ga. R 975.801 FLO

All of the books added to date are listed on the WEB Site.

                Library Visitors List Surnames Researched

Charles West (Shivers), P. O. Box 81361, Conyers, Ga. 30013, Researching
Shivers Family.

Gerrie Syfrett, 3308 Syfrett Rd., Chipley Fl. 32428,,
researching Day, Phillips, Mann, Giles, Johnson Bagby.

Elizabeth Simons, 1137 Pine Valley Rd., Griffin, Ga. 30224, no names
given. Comment: wonderful library and assistance.

W. S. Anderson, 68 Russell Ave., Garden City, Ga. 31408,,
no names given. Comment: could not find census index records. (Ed.
I sent him an e-mail giving him the online web site for the indexes
of Rockdale County)

Cheryl Kelley, 3054 Spring Ct., Loganville, Ga. 30052, researching
Hamby, Melemore(?).

Jillian Squires, 3421 Lismore NW, Conyers, Ga. 30012, no names given.
Comment: Thank you for your help.

Kathy Todd, 723 W. Curl, Hobbs, NM, 88240, researching Laird, Sammons,

                 Books Donated to Honor Individuals

Among the list of books added to the shelves which are listed in this
issue of the newsletter are two books which were donated by members
in memory of special individuals.

The “National Huguenot Society Bible Records” which were abstracted
from the files of the Society and edited by Arthur Louis Finnell,
Registrar General, was donated by Charles and Anne Walker in memory
of Mrs. Dot Davis. This book is on the shelves at: Ga. R 929.3088
FIN. If you have Huguenot ancestors, this may have information you
are seeking.

The “Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina” containing interesting
and authentic facts of Lincoln County history through the years 1749
to 1937 was donated in memory of Patrica Ristau, the mother of Barabara
Evans and grandmother of Will and Anna Evans. It was written by William
L. Sherrill, a Methodist minister, and sponsored by Frank H. Crowell.
It contains illustrations. It is on the shelves in the special collections
room at: Ga. R 975.6782 SHE.

If you would like to honor the memory of a special individual with
a book, contact Jackie Smith. She will be happy to help you find an
appropriate book which will serve the purpose.

                                Sara Fountain Has Died

Sara Askew Fountain has died. She was a charter member of the Rockdale
County Genealogical Society and attended the meetings regularly until
recently. She was the daughter of the late J. Stewart Askew and Bess
Allen Askew of Conyers. Her son, Dr. John Fountain, and his wife,
Carol, reside in Conyers. There are two grandchildren, David Fountain
and Kadi Fountain Moon. Kadi is the wife of Chris Moon of Conyers.
Sara was the wife of the late Dorsey Malone Fountain. He was a long-time
employee of the Bank of Rockdale in Conyers.

Sara was very active in civic life in Conyers. She was the “Grand
Lady of Rockdale” in 1996. She received the “Conyers Volunteer of
the Year Award” in 2000. She was a retired school teacher and an Elder
of the Conyers Presbyterian Church. She will be missed.

                                        Copy & Paste
Copying and pasting is an essential skill that you will find indispensable
once you master it. Of course, you have to be using Windows(TM), the
operating system of choice these days, in order to do it. The procedure
will come in handy in many different ways. You will wonder how you
got along without it.

All you really need to know is where “Edit” is in the toolbar at the
top of your screen. Click on “Edit” and a drop-down menu will appear
which has both “Copy” and “Paste” among other things. Lets say you
want to send a lengthly letter to your friend about your trip to England
where you did much research. The letter is too long to type into your
e-mail program. It is too easy to make a mistake or leave something
out. So, you type the letter into your favorite word processor instead.
You carefully construct the document over several sessions making
sure that all the names you researched are spelled correctly. This
is not something where you want to make a mistake.

After the document is finished to your satisfaction, you can shoot
it off to the friend as an attachment providing that friend has software
similar to the one you are using; but, what if you have another friend
to whom you want to send a part of the document but not all. What
do you do? You load the document into your wordprocessor editor and
drag the mouse pointer holding down the left mouse button over the
text that you want to send. This will highlite the text that the mouse
pointer passed over. After highlighting, click on “Edit”. The dropdown
menu appears. Click on “Copy”. This puts the highlighted text on the
clipboard. You can’t see it, but it is there.

Then, you load in or bring up your e-mail program. You may have to
type in a few sentences before you have an appropriate place to drop
the text that you want to send. Once the cursor is where you want
it to go, click on “Edit” and get the dropdown menu. Click on “Paste”.
Voila, the text will appear. The e-mail is ready to send. (You may
have to click on a blank space to remove the highlite from the document.)

If you want to send a whole document, you don’t have to drag the mouse
pointer. You can click on “Edit” and click on “Select All” on the
drop-down menu. This will highlite the whole document. The whole document
can then be handled as a paste into the e-mail program.

This technique can be used to move and manipulate text between applications.
This is the way your editor creates two documents for the newsletter.
Text is drawn into the desktop publisher program and then copy and
pasted into Netscape Composer in order to create an HTML document
to be used on the web page. In most cases the text must be moved as
a text only file and not something unusual like a works file. Some
applications will not load works files as text.

Step one: Document in word processor. Step two: Highlite text Step
three: Click Copy (under Edit) Step four: E-Mail program (or other
application) Step five: Click paste (under Edit)

I hope this will enable those of you who want to send me information
to publish in the newsletter to send it as copyable text files which
can be pasted into the newsletter without further typing.

              Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Book Coming

Mr. Farmer,

My name is David Moon, Jr., and I am a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist
Church in north Rockdale County, Sheffield District, what was once
known as the Pleasant Hill Community. I have written a history of
our church; it is based on primary sources, namely the church minutes,
newspaper articles, association minutes, and recollections of older
members. It is over 400 pages and includes 200 black-and-white pictures,
around 25 miscellaneous items (newspaper clippings, Christmas programs,
Sunday School lessons, etc.), footnotes, a bibliography, and a 25-page
index. The book has not yet been printed, but the church will probably
use THP Printing in Conyers (the same that printed the History of
Rockdale County). The price has not yet been set in stone, as I do
not know how many people want one. Our church is rather small, but
there are several people who have been connected with the church personally
or through their family. Right now I only have about 90 requests for
a copy of the book. We hoped to order 200 copies making the price
be about $65 per book, all the cost going towards printing, not personal
profit. My concern is that there may be people who might want a copy
but know nothing of its existence. Is there any way you can help me
“spread the word” through your affiliation with the Rockdale County
Genealogical Society. So far, two people who are affiliated with the
society have contacted me in regards of the book: Judy Bond and Norman
Swann (several of his family are and have been members of the church).
I contacted the Rockdale Historical Society several months ago, but
they never returned my correspondence. Any help you can offer would
be welcome.

David Moon

Mr. Farmer, Right now, we do not have an exact price, but it will
probably be around $65. Contact info:

David T. Moon, Jr. 5740 Center Hill Church Road, SW Loganville, GA 30052
Phone: 770-466-1315
Anyone wanting a copy should give me their name, address, and phone

Dear David, I will be glad to publicize the forthcoming Pleasant Hill
Church History in the newsletter of the Rockdale Genealogical Society.
We will have the next issue in May, 2002. It will be distributed to
the membership at the meeting and published on the web on my web site.
The web site is at:

Judy Bond is our president and I am sure can be counted on to mention
it at the meeting. The Society is certain to want to obtain a copy
for the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library. It would be good if I could
have an address and an e-mail address so that anyone reading the newsletter
in particular on line could know how to order the book and how much
to pay including shipping. A phone number to call is a good idea also
so that anyone could find out how to pick up a copy.

It has been my experience with this kind of book that demand is very
minimal. I personally have a book on Salem Campground which is not
published yet. I would be interested in the cost of printing your
book. I might consider the same for the Salem book. - Marion

               Camera Copy Technique Holds Promise

While not cheap, a decent digital camera is less expensive, a lot
smaller, and of more general use than a printing microfilm reader.
I have had good results just taking pictures of the film reader screen
(of course the room light has to be dim). I then upload the pictures
to my PC, where I can edit, print, save to CD, etc.

I use that technique as well. My camera has a “text mode” setting,
that increases the contrast to make printed material stand out better.
And the images are so sharp that the text can be run through OCR software
(I use TextBridge) and converted into readable computer text. Great
for inserting into applications, without having to type it myself!

I use a Ricoh RDC-5000 camera, which is available on eBay for around
$225. Given the fact that it can be used as a portable scanner, in
addition to its primary function as a digital camera, it is an excellent
addition to a researcher’s toolkit.

To save file size, switch to Black & White when photoing documents
or microfilm reader screens.

Anyone planning on buying a camera for this purpose should be sure
that it has 3 essential features:

1: Text Mode. That allows it to make razor-sharp images of printed

2: Macro function. Camera should be able to focus on objects as close
as 8 inches (my Ricoh can focus down to under 2”!

3: Black & White mode. Camera should be able to shoot B&W, as this
is all you need for documents and it will save on file size, which
allows more photos on a given storage card.

I believe that these features are readily available on cameras. It
shouldn’t be difficult to locate a model with these features.

From: Larry Y.

Ricoh Info:    

2.3 Megapixels (1792 x 1200) High-resolution 2.3-million-pixel CCD
The RDC-5000 features Ricoh’s brand new professional-quality 2.3-million-pixel
CCD camera. Working together with a precision RGB filter, it enables
you to capture subjects with exacting detail and brilliant color contrast.
Since the resolution is almost two times higher than an ordinary mega-pixel
digital camera, you get crystal-clear shots that were previously only
possible with high-end-and high-priced-digital cameras.

(We aren't trying to sell you a camera.  There are probably several models available which can
be used to copy materials.  It would be good if a member could test other cameras and give us a review.)

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