Rockdale County Cemeteries

The list of cemetery indices follows:

              This index was compiled from the two cemetery volumes in 
         the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library.  Volume #1 has no page 
         numbers.  This index refers to the name of the cemetery in 
         Volume #1.   Volume #II has page numbers.  Those numbers are 
         shown after the name of the cemetery in this index.  Where 
         page numbers are indicated, the cemetery is listed in Volume 
              Bethel Church and Philadelphia Church Cemeteries are 
         not contained in either of the two volumes.  They are 
         included with this index.  The Underwood Cemetery is in 
         Volume #II.  Those listings are also included in the Bethel 
         Cemetery listing.  The Old Conyers Cemetery is included in 
         both volumes.  Duplications were not made for this index.
              Sodom Cemetery located at the western end of Hightower 
         Trail is in Gwinnett County and can be found in the History 
         of Gwinnett County or families of Gwinnett County.  There is 
         a listing of this cemetery in the "History of Pleasant Hill 
         Baptist Church" which is available at Nancy Guinn Memorial 

              New listings have been made for Smyrna Presbyterian 
         Church and Honey Creek Baptist Church by Beverley Beale and 
         Judy Bond respectively.  Those listings have been added to 
         these indexes.  Thanks to these women for these additions. 
         We have included the complete listings for these churches.