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                                                  February,  2013

               New  Android Genealogical Program

Get the latest application for your Android Smart Phone or Tablet.
Sign-on to and down load the Family Tree Family
genealogy application. Click Here to go to Getjar     (you probably need to
do this from your phone or tablet since it will install the program.)

This only works for phones or tablets using the Android operating
system. Android is a product of Google. It will not work on Apple
Iphones or tablets. They use apple’s own operating system.

Getjar is a web site that offers applications for use on Cell Phones
and Tablets. Most of them are free which is a remarkable Development
in today’s world. You can browse through a list of apps that are available
for free. These are mostly games. If you haven’t tried Angry Birds,
you must do so. It is an addictive, challenging game with multiple
levels of difficulty. It works best on a seven or ten-inch tablet.
I haven’t tried it on the smaller screens that are on the phones.

When you first sign-on to Getjar, you are shown the apps which are
most popular. In order to find the Genealogy program, you will have
to find the search function box and type in “genealogy”. When the
screen comes up, you must click on the box which takes you the description
screen. It will offer a box to download the application. It takes
a remarkably short time to download the app. When download is completed,
you will be asked to store the app or install it. Installation is
quick also.

There are seven functions in the program. The first icon directs you
to the “add a new Person” function. This requires Birth Day, Death
day, Name of the person, father, mother, Birth place, death place.
and a save function. The second icon brings up a family tree.
 The third icon offers family groupings. These are followed by a
Photo function, a video album,an album of files. the Final icon
directs you to a screen to record information on a person.

I hope you will give this system a try. It may not be as robust as
“Family Tree Maker”. But, it offers a portability that is hard to


                             Coming Events

The Emancipation Proclamation will be the subject of a symposium on
Feb. 9th at the National Archives, 5780 Jonesboro Rd., Morrow, Ga.

Cathy Miller speaks on what is at the National Archives at the Archives
on February 1. Admission is free; but, bring your own lunch.

Andrea Jackson speaks at the Georgia Archives on February 8 on the
Atlanta University research resources. Check at:

                      100  Years Ago In Conyers  

Guy Alexander was manager of the Conyers Coca Cola Bottling Plant
per an ad in the Conyers Times.

A party was held to honor a miss Pauline Wallis of El Paso, Texas
by Mrs. J. F. Huff. Much admiration was made of the ladies attire
in attendance; but, one comment was confusing . It was said that many
beautiful toilets were worn. The word toilet must have meant something
different in those days.

Mr. Clarence Vaughn was at home from attending school at Athens. Mr.
Moody Summers was home, also, from Emory at Oxford.

The Conyers Hotel was leased by Mr. S. S. Turner of Douglasville for
twelve months. It was noted that he was an experienced hotel manager
and would make a success of the Conyers hotel.

Henry McGinnis, an old former slave, was killed by his son-in-law
with an ax. If the son-in-law were sent to the gallows, he would be
the second negro to be hanged in Rockdale.

John H. Hewlett was on the honor roll of the second grade. It was
he who would later in life write the novel “Cross on the Moon”. The
honorees from First through the tenth grades were enumerated.

A great many signs painted for jewelry shops have the hands of watches
pointing to the hour of 8:18. It was at that time that President Lincoln
was shot and assassinated.

                      Pioneers of Rockdale Idea
Ken Thomas in his latest article brings up the question of Pioneer
descendant organizations. Georgia may have one which honors the descendants
of those whose ancestors were in Georgia before the state became one
of the original thirteen states. Those people would have been living
in the original colony of Georgia.

When we were working on the “Heritage of Rockdale County”, people
were given the opportunity to list their pioneer ancestors for the
book. Many did this. It makes for very interesting reading. It is
good to note how many people who contributed to the book have forebears
who were here very early after the territory was opened for settlement
by Europeans. That would have been 1818 for the Walton County and
Gwinnett County land that became part of Rockdale and 1821 for the
land that Rockdale took from Newton and Henry counties.

It is certainly possible that many people living today had ancestors
who were living in the areas of Rockdale which were originally the
four predecessor counties. Rockdale was formed in October, 1870. The
first officers took office in January, 1871. This means that these
people have been living here as a family for the entire duration of
the existence of Rockdale County.

It would be certainly wonderful if we could acknowledge and recognize
these people as being pioneer Rockdale Citizens. There must be a way
that we can make this a part of the Rockdale County Genealogical Society
purpose. To do so would add a new dimension to the organization. Anything
that we can do to make it possible for more people to be a part of
the society will be advantageous for us as a club.

I have some ideas on how to do this; but, we need to have input from
you as active members before we can put forth suggestions.

                      Sources From Ken Thomas

Patents filed by inventors. For a national source for patents, see, as well as on under U.S. Patent
and Trademark Office Patents, 1790-1909 where you can search by name
and state and often find someone being a witness to a patent, if not
the inventor himself. For those in Georgia who applied for patents,
an article appeared in the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly
in Fall 1988, Original United States Patent Models by Georgia Inventors,
1808-1899 which is an interesting look at who the inventors were and
should be interesting information for county historical and genealogical
societies to take note of, and include in a county history and for
people to search for relatives as well.

Family Tree Magazine is always a great source for pulling things into
one place and they offer on their website, free copies of articles
where they have done just that. Their 101 Best Genealogy Websites
for 2012 is the latest in their annual listings and can be found at
.Click here to go to Family Tree Magazine in Utah, the Mormon genealogical organization long
noted for microfilming records around the world, added a great deal
of Georgia materials in digitized format to its website this year.
These include marriage records, probate records from many Georgia
counties, including loose papers in some cases, and a wealth of other
data. The 1940 Census was released on April 2 and fully-indexed by
late August via and

                    Funding Restored to Archives

The Governor’s Budget was released last week, GA Archives funding
is now under the USG/Board of Regents part, with funding right now
at about the same a year ago before the cuts came in late summer,
fall by the Sec. of State. Good news is that funding is back to a
year ago, but we don’t yet know what else might be in negotiating
stages. Stay tuned.

           Larry Knowles Has Moved   

Larry Knowles has moved to Virginia. I am sure he will be using the
opportunity there to do research on early Virginia settlers who moved
to Georgia.

Larry has been a contributor to the Rockdale Genealogical Society
as a newsletter editor and speaker. We will miss him no doubt. I am
sure he would appreciate hearing from members of the Rockdale Society.

Larry Knowles email:

        Indices Included In Web Page

List of Indices:

History of Rockdale County
Historical Souvenir of Conyers
Centennial Rockdale Citizen

Maiden Names In Cemeteries
Bethel Church (All Information)
Philadelphia Meth. (All Information)
Honey Creek Bapt. (All Information)
Smyrna Presbyterian (All Information)
Rockdale Cemetery Locations & Map

John McIntosh Chapter of DAR
Salem Campground

Rockdale County Surname Lists
    Sorted by Surname
    Sorted by Researcher’s name
    Researchers names and Addresses etc.

Rockdale 1900 Census Index
 A-C/ D-F/ G-I/J-L/M-O/P-R/S-V/ W-Z

Genealogical Materials (at Nancy Guinn Lib.)

Census Microfilm of various years

Newspapers lists of Microfilms

Books List of Publications with Call Letters

      Message From Pres. Chris

Greetings and Happy New Year. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday
season. As a society we are looking forward to an enjoyable new year
with many fine speakers, field trips and community functions.
For 2013 the following monthly meetings are being planned for:

January 13th
February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
May 19th
June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th
October 13th
November 10th

As always the meetings will be held at the LDS Church, 1275 Flat Shoals
SE at 3:00 P.M.

Chris Zawadzki, President

                 More Sources from Ken Thomas

For historians and genealogists looking for another way to track down
original or primary sources needed for research, one place to earmark
is "Primary Sources Online" found at Click here
. There you can work your way through the various countries and states
to see what you can find, as new material is posted or linked all
the time. For Georgia, the links are to the Georgia Archives' Virtual
Vault, UGA's Digital Library of Georgia, and a great website showing
various Georgia online death records from various newspapers.

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