Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication

                                February, 2004

                           Meeting Scheduled For February

We have a meeting scheduled for February 8, 2004, in the meeting room at Nancy Guinn Memorial Library. An excellent program is planned. We will have Cindy Smith Brown, an author and former newspaper writer, to speak on Her book, "Sweet Dirt and Southern Bones". It should be an enjoyable meeting. Cindy Smith Brown has written for the Warner Robins Journal, the Jackson Progress-Argus and the Covington News and numerous magazines during her career. She grew up in Dublin, Georgia and has lived in the Covington and Jackson area since 1972. Her five children and seven grandchildren have given her a special insight that has been inspirational for her writing. Her special interests include genealogy, history, reading and crossword puzzles. She is a prolific reader, a trait she got from her father, who was an advocate of reading a book every month. She is at work on her second novel at the present time

                                Judy Bond On Upcoming Meetings

Hello to all, We have gotten off to a GREAT start in Genealogy for the year 2004, with 
Historian, Mr. Walter Freeman in January. Cindy Smith Brown, Author of "Sweet Dirt and 
Southern Bones" will have a special program on her new book. If you would like to read 
about her work, log on to her website 

She will have books with her for sale and will sign them for you. The book takes us back 
to remembering some of our days as children and life in High School. Geri Byrd and Norma 
Owens our new Program Chair Ladies have some wonderful programs coming up for us. The March 
14th, program we will welcome "Peter Bonner" a featured story teller for Stone Mountain Park, 
The Atlanta History Center and The Hay house in Macon. He has the only "Gone with the Wind" 
tour in the world. Peter is wonderful I have heard him a couple of time and look forward to 
hearing him soon. 

We are thrilled to announce for the April 18th, program we have Mr. Robert Davis, (Department 
Head for Genealogy ) at Wallace State College in Hanceville, Ala. There is no charge or attendance 
fee, However we do accept donations. Bring a few friends, ask your neighbors and come to enjoy 
these programs with your genealogical friends. See you Sunday, February 8, 2004, 3:00 P. M. -Judy Bond 

                                A Family Puzzle - See If You Can Solve It

One grandfather, one grandmother, two fathers, two mothers, four children, 
three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one 
father-in-law, one mother-in-law and one daughter-in-law attended a family 
reunion.  If both halves of each relationship attended (i e, the father and 
the son), how many people showed up? 

Try to work this out before looking at the answer on page four.  

                                Visitors List Research Information

Vicki Fair, 1661 Holmes Dr., Conyers, Ga. 30094.  Comment: Mr. Bob Phillips 
was very helpful.  Will be needing him in the future.

Katie Slater, 1010 Oakland Ave., Conyers, Ga. 30012.  Researching history of Rockdale County. 
My house is in one of the books.

Leon Graham, Florida.  Researching Graham family of Rockdale County.

D. Joiner, Conyers, Ga.  No names given.

Marshall Davis, Conyers, Ga.   Researching Davis Family in Georgia and South Carolina.

D. Joiner, Conyers, Ga. 30013.  No names given.

Marshall Davis, Conyers, Ga. Researching Davis family of Georgia and South Carolina.

                                Family Charts Project Underway

Judy Bond is heading up a project to compile a book of family trees.  This 
will be on the order of the "Pedigrees - Ancestors Unlimited" which in on the 
shelves at Nancy Quinn at Ga. R 929.373. In order to have your family 
tree listed, you need to provide Judy with a completed form.  

This may be a long-term project.  It may be difficult to compile the necessary 
information in short order.  Not everyone will have all the information 
necessary to complete the chart.  Doing this book may be a good way for the 
members to showcase their research.  

Charts showing pioneer families of 
Rockdale would provide needed information for many researchers.  
Some members may be reluctant to list living people.  Some may not want to 
list the maiden given name of their mother since that information is used to identify 
ownership of many bank accounts and other financial instruments.  It may be 
advisable to just show XXXXX for the motherís given name.

This book may have some marketable value.  The proceeds of which could be 
used to provide money to purchase more books for the library's special collections 

                                Bill Baker, Rockdale Researcher, Dies

We were saddened to learn of the death of Bill Baker.  Bill was a researcher 
who worked along with Norman Swann to put together an impressive amount of 
genealogy on people who lived in the Sheffield District of Rockdale County.  
Bill was only able to attend a few of our meetings due to his declining 

He and Norman visited many families over the last three years in 
Rockdale's northernmost area and compiled computer files of the results
One of these was the Farmer family of which your editor is one of the least 
important members. 

We hope that Norman Swann will be able to continue to maintain the files of 
the research so that they can be used by anyone who has ancestors who were 
from the northern part of Rockdale County.  Ideally, that information should 
be bound and placed on the shelves of the Nancy Guinn Library.  A good title 
would be:  Rockdale County's Sheffield District, a look at its pioneer families.    

                                Nancy Guinn Library Installs New System for On-Line Computers

The Nancy Guinn Library has installed a new system for using the internet.  
called "SAM" (Smart Access Manager).  It automates the process of signing-in 
to use the internet computers.

SAM lets you reserve your own internet computer by using your library card at 
a special reservation station.  Attached to the sign-in station is an LED 
display which gives you information about the status of your reservation. 

SAM notifies you if there are computers available so you don't wait unnecessarily.  
You can log-in directly on an unused machine.  If all computers are in use, 
SAM notifies you that you must sign-up to be assigned the next available machine.  

When SAM assigns you a waiting number, it gives you an estimated waiting 
time and shows you how many people are ahead of you on the list.  
You can get an update by scanning your card at any time. If you 
need to print the information you gather, SAM tells you how many pages 
you will have and how much it will cost.  That way there are no surprises and 
no expensive bill.  The new system should make using computers at the library 
more efficient and helpful.

                                Knowing Soundex Will Help Research

Using Soundex to find where an ancestor is located in the census may be the 
only option for those years where the census has not been indexed.  In order 
to find the name in the soundex you need to know the code by which the soundex 
is organized. Locating the name in the soundex pinpoints where the name can be 
found in the census.    

Soundex code is a letter and three digit number.  It is the first letter of 
the surname followed by three numbers. To get the three numbers do the 

(Skip vowels - AEIOUYWH) (W & H are included)

(Double letters: only code one of them as though the other didn't exist.)

(If you run out of letters add a "0" (a naught).

1 - BPFV
3 - DT
4 - L
5 - MN
6 - R

                                Bob Phillips Has Research Data

Bob Phillips has been working with visitors on several surnames being 
researched at Nancy Guinn.  This may be of interest to someone else who may be 
researching the same surname.   He has information on:

Goode (Family file folder available)
Terry (Henry County)

Bob can be reached at the email address of the library.  It is:

Just make the email to the attention of Bob Phillips.

                                Nicknames, Here's Help

Allie is Usually Alice, Aline, or Aletha
Bell is usually Arabella, Annabelle, Isabel, Rosabel, etc.
Cindy is usually Lucinda or Cynthia
Daisy is usually Margaret
Delia is usually Cordelia or Adelia
Dora is usually Theodorea, Eudora, or Dorothy
Effie is usually Euphemia (but sometimes Sarah)
Elsie is usually Elizabeth
Fanny is usually Frances
Greta is usually Margaret 
Hal, Hank or Harry is usually Henry
Hallie is usually Harriet or Henrietta
Hettie is usually Hester, but sometimes Esther or Henrietta
Jack is usually John
Jake is usually Jacob
Jenny is usually Jane, Virginia, Janet, or Jennifer
Larry is usually Lawrence
Lena or Lina is usually a name ending in those Letters (Eme-, Se-, He-, Magda-
, Pau-, Ange-, etc.)
Lettie is usually Letitia
Libby is usually Elizabeth
Madge, Midge, Meg, Maggie, or Maisie is usually Margaret
Mattie is usually Martha, but sometines Matilda
May of Maisie is usually Mary
Milly is usually Mildred, but sometines Amelia or Millicent or even Mary
Minnie is usually Mary
Molly is usually Mary
Nancy is usually Agnes or Ann(e)
Nannie is usually Nancy
Nell is usually Ellen, Helen, or Eleanor
Nora is usually Eleanor, Honora, or Lenore
Patsy is usually Martha or Patricia, but sometimes Matilda or Patience
Peggy is usually Margeret
Polly is usually Mary
Sally or Sadie is usually Sarah
Sukie is usually Susan
Tillie is usually Matilda
Xr is Christopher
Zeke may be Ezekriel, or Hezekiah

                                Puzzle Answer:

There were seven people at the reunion:  a man and his wife, their three 
children (two girls and a boy) and the man's mother and father.

Without the stipulation that both halves of the relationships were present, 
there could be as few as four people;  after all, one man can simultaneously be 
a father, a grandfather, a son, a brother and a father-in-law.

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