Rockdale County Genealogical Society 
                              February, 2003

                          Library Visitors List Surnames Researched
Paul Hargash, 5089 Flatbridge Rd., Stockbridge, Ga. 30281. Researching
Stanley-Parker Cemetery.

Becky Siple, 2556 Casablanka Dr., Conyers, Ga. 30012. Researching
Va. Jones, Clore.

Donald Freeman, 113 South Broad St., Bowman, Ga. 30624. No names given.

Mark McCullough, 555 Abbott Rd., Conyers, Ga. 30094. Researching McCullough.

Barbara Baldwin Richards, 700 N. Parkwood Rd., Decatur, Ga. Researching
Wellborn and Humphries.

Several people signed in who lived in Conyers but did not list information
regarding research. They did not appear to be doing genealogy research.

                 New Books on Shelf for Genealogical Research

Black History GA R 016.973 New
Burke County, Ga. Grave Markers GA R 975.865 Pow
Butts County, Ga. Bible Record Collection GA R 975.9585 But
Dawson County, Ga., Cemeteries of GA R 975.8263
Directory of Irish Family History Research GA R 929.3416 #24
Forsyth Co., Crimson and Sabres Confed. Record GA R 975.8265 Sha
Hall County, Ga. Index of Marriages 1819-1900 GA R 975.8272 Jon
Hall County, Ga., The Heritage of GA R 975.8272 Her
Hall County, Ga., Wills and Deeds of GA R 975.8272 McD
Hall County, Index of the Tombstones of GA R 975.8272 Whi
Hall County, Tombstone Inscriptions of GA R 975.8272 McR
Haralson County, Ga. Marriage Records 1856-1940 GA R 975.838 Rob
Henry County, Ga. Obituaries 1879 - 1899 GA R 975.8435 Bow
Houston County, Ga., The Heritage of GA R 975.8515 Her
Jewish Genealogy GA R 929.1 Zub
Land & Property Research in the U. S. GA R 929.1072 Hon
Lincoln County, North Carolina, Annals of GA R 975.6782 She
Long Shoals‘(Milstead) Contribution to Rockdale GA R 975.8215 Ive
Milton County, Ga., Marriage Records 1865-1831 GA R 975.823 Bro
Morgan County, Ga., Early Newspapers 1842-1861 GA R 975.8595 Har
Pitfalls in Genealogical Research GA R 929.1 Rub
Pleasant Hill Baptist Ch.(Rockdale)1873 - 2001 GA R 975.8375 Moo
Polk County, Ga. Marriage Book “A-B” 1852-1885 GA R 975.8375 Mil
Shreveport Faces of the Past GA R 976.399 Bro
Smyrna Presbyterian Church 1827 - 2001 GA R 285.1758 Smy
Talbot County, Ga. (There Was A Land) GA R 975.848 Jor
Tracing Ancestors Five Civilized Tribes(Indians)GA R 929.108 Len
Washington, Ga. GA R 975.801 Wil
Wilkes County, Ga., Early Georgia Wills & Est. GA R 975.801 Smi
Wilkes County, Ga., The Marriages of 1792-1925 GA R 975.801 But

The WEB site has been updated to include all of the books  which have
been added to date.

           Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Book Reviewed

One of the books added to the shelves during the past month was the
history of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church which was authored by David
T. Moon, Jr. Mr. Moon donated a copy to the Nancy Guinn Library.
This book is easily the best book concerning the history of a Rockdale
Church that has been put together. It is first class in every respect.
It was bound and printed with the best materials available. It is
truly a masterpiece of the printers art.

Not only does this book have the usual information concerning the
pasters and members who were instrumental in creating the church;
it also provides the cemetery inscriptions of the two cemeteries that
were used by members of the church. Particularly useful are the inscriptions
of Sodom Cemetery. Because Sodom is located in Gwinnett County, it
is not a part of the listings at Nancy Guinn. Sodom is just over the
county line from Rockdale; however, most of the people buried there
were Rockdale citizens. Most of them were members of Pleasant Hill

The church started a cemetery adjacent to the church more recently
and this cemetery’s inscriptions are listed in the book. This is a
smaller cemetery than Sodom; and, it is not as old. This book will
serve very well as a reference for Sodom Cemetery.

      The Wesner Cemetery Decision of Rockdale County

In making this decision we start with the presumption that gravesites
should not be disturbed without a showing by the applicant of a necessity
for removal. In arriving at a decision whether the applicant has made
that showing we look at several things. We look at the impact relocation
of the graves will have on their decendants, we look at the impact
that relocation will have on the public’s cultural environment and
history, we look at the removal plan submitted by the applicant, and
we look at the financial cost that the applicant faces in moving the

After consideration of all those factors, and after considering the
public comments received at the public hearing held on November 12,
2002, the Board of Commissioners hereby finds that the applicant has
overcome the presumption to leave the graves undistrubed, and approves
the application to remove the graves. That approval is subject to
the following conditions:

1. All disinterment/reinterment activities shall be conducted in accordance
with the submitted plan as revised.

2. Pursuant to state law and the provisions of the revised plan, the
disinterment shall be supervised, monitored, or carried out by the
applicant’s archeologist.

3. The reinterment of the remains shall be in a perpetual care cemetery
within the present boundaries of Rockdale County.

4. That a flat ground level bronze memorial plaque be erected at 2920
Weatherstone Circle, Conyers, Georgia, adjacent to the curb within
the county right of way, with such language that indicates the number
and identity, to the extent known, of the disinterred remains, and
of the name and location of the cemetery where the remains have been
moved to as well as the location of the remains in the cemetery.

5. That, within thirty (30) days after the completion of the disinterrment
(sic) and upon removal of the remains, the applicant submit to Rockdale
County an updated survey indicating specifically where the remains
were found and a certification by the applicant’s archeologist that
disinterment/reinterment activities of the plan had been fully complied

           Editorial Comments Regarding the Decision

Provision two of the conditions is troubling in that it specifies
that the disinterment shall be supervised, monitored, or carried out
by the applicant’s archeologist. The “or” in this provision is the
problem. The archeologist is required to do any one of the provisions
and not all. He may simply walk by the site and say, “Looks like you
got it done”, thereby, fullfilling the requirement to monitor the
disinterment without any hands-on effort. The provision should have
required that the archeologist be present when the disinterment is

Provision four is confusing; but, it must mean that the location of
the cemetery and the location within the cemetery to which the remains
are moved will be placed on the plaque at 2920 Weatherstone Circle.
It would seem that a plaque should also be placed at the new location
indicating the former location and relevant information.

This is a very disturbing development for Rockdale County.  It sets
a precedent here-to-fore unheard of  in county history.   There has
never been a situation where more than one grave has been moved.
In this instance, it means that a dozen or more graves must be moved.
 It compounds the grevious error that was made by the developer in
removing the markers from the graves making it difficult to identify
the individuals and family history. Hopefully, we have better information
on grave sites available now which will prevent such a thing happening
in the future.

       How the Decision Was Mentioned on the WEB

If your ancestors include the surnames Zachry or Zachary, Overby or
Overbay and they come from Rockdale County, Georgia, you may wish
to check the story regarding the removal of twelve to fourteen graves
from a Conyers backyard.

For a summary of the Atlanta Journal story, visit

 Click here to go to the newspaper article

This announcement is presented as a service to the genealogy community
by City of the Silent, the web’s oldest site dedicated to the art
and culture of cemeteries. Memberships are free and your email is
completely confidential. Visit us at
 Click here to visit the cemetery site

This photograph was sent to the Rockdale County Historical Society
by Robert L. Ables of 275 Corinth Church Rd., Cleveland, Ga. 30528
in hopes that someone would be able to identify the group and its
purpose. His Grandfather, Robert S. L. White, was a member of the
group and is shown in the picture. The father of Robert S. L. White
was Hugh White who lived in a house across from the depot in Conyers.
Another relative was Harry White, a well-known Conyers funeral home
operator. They are all probably decendants or relatives of David White,
the first or second postmaster in Conyers who also served in the legislature
and helped organize the Methodist Church.

If you can identify the group or any of the individuals shown, please
contact the editor or Ellen Trainer. In any event, here is the editor’s
best effort to identify the group:

This is a picture I believe that was taken on May 1, 1886, on the
occasion of the unveiling of the monument to Senator Benjamin H. Hill.
The group of men is probably the Gate City Guard which marched in
the parade. The man with the sword sitting at left front is probably
John B. Gordon, a general under Robert E. Lee and later Governor of
Georgia and Senator. The man seated center front is probably Chief
Marshall G. R. DeSaussure who led the assemblage of veterans of the
Civil War. They numbered ten thousand men of which two thousand were
young veterans and eight thousand were the old veterans. The man to
the right front is most likely William A. Wright who organized the
old veterans.

There was another group, the Governor’s Horse Guards, which was in
the parade in splendid uniforms. Since they were mounted, they would
not have had the drummer boys shown here.

Among those present were Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy;
General James Longstreet; the Governor of Georgia, Henry D. McDaniel; Mayor
George Hillyer of Atlanta as well as General John B. Gordon. The master
of ceremonies was Henry W. Grady. It is estimated that a crowd of
one hundred thousand was on hand for the occasion which was held at
the corner of Peachtree Steet and West Peachtree Street.

There is a good account of this event in “Atlanta and Environs, Volume
II” by Franklin M. Garrett.

 The statue of Sen. Benjamin H. Hill was unveiled in 1886 at the apex
of Peachtree Street and West Peachtree. It later was moved to the
Georgia State Capitol grounds and finally in 1912 to Atlanta’s Grant

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