Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication        February, 2001

                                      Nancy J. Cornell To Speak

The Rockdale Genealogical Society will present Nancy J. Cornell at
the meeting scheduled for Sunday, February 11th.  She will speak on
Joe Brown's Census, "1864 Georgia militia lists for the re-organization
of the state militia".

The Society invites the public to attend.  The meeting will be held
at 3:00 the Nancy Guinn Library.

     New Books on Shelf for Use In Research

Cobb County, Ga. Deed Book A. Vol.1 Ga. R 929.3758 Lis
Barrow County, Ga. Marriages 1915-1932 Ga. R 975.8195 Bar
Cobb County, Ga. 1840 Census Ga. R 929.3758 Wat
Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87 Ga. R 975.5 Fot
Walker County, Georgia Messenger 1916-1921 Ga. R 975.833 Wal
Cobb County, Ga. Index To White Marriages Ga. R 929.3758 Han 1865-1937
Cobb County, Ga. Index to Colored Marriages Ga. R 929.3758 Han 1865-1966
Early Settlers of Alabama (Notes & Genealogies Ga. R 929.3761 Sau
Barrow County Georgia Cemeteries Ga. R 975.8195 Bar
Guide to Naturalization Records of US Ga. R 929.373 Sch
Town of Suwanee, Ga. Early History Ga. R 975.8223 Plu
Cherokee Roots Fourth Edition Vol.2 Ga. R 929.3 Bla
Some Emigrants to Virginia Second Edition Ga. R 929.3755 Sta
Memorial and Genealogical Record of SW Texas Ga. R 929.3764 Mem
Colonial Records of Virginia Ga. R 929.3755 Col
North Carolina Land Grants In South Carolina Ga. R 929.3756 Hol
Eastern Band of Cherokees 1819-1900 Ga. R 975.0049 Fin
Histories of LaGrange and Troup County, Ga. Ga. R 975.8463 Joh
Reconstructed 1790 Census of Ga., The Ga. R 929.3758 Cen 1790
Jackson County, Ga. Early Court Records Ga. R 929.3758 Pos
Jackson County, Ga. Will Abstracts Books A&B Ga. R 929.3758 Pos 1803
- 1888
Jackson County, Ga. Deed Abstracts Books A-D Ga. R 929.3758 Pos 1796
- 1808

         Library Visitors List Surnames Researched

Julia Yates Maloney, 2762 Hwy 20, Conyers, Ga. 30012 Researching Abbott,
Montgomery, Henderson, Yates, Linder
Robert L. Davis, 1915 Pine Ridge Rd., Seymour, TN 37865 Researching
Herring, Conyers
Donald Pence, 3808 Clubhouse Ct., Conyers, Ga. 30094 Researching Burge
Ruby Silva, 3884 Maggie Dr., Conyers, Ga. 30013 Researching Wright
Blake Wood, P. O. Box 4974, Macon, Ga. Researching Kilpatrick, Lyon,
Smith, Gunn, New, Nichols, Dobbs, O’Shields
Jacqueline J. Thomas, 4850 Lenora Church Rd., Snellville, Ga. 30039
Researching Wade, Thomas, Gwinnett County History
Saundra Williams Rutledge, 1581 Old Loganville Rd., Loganville, Ga.
30052 Reserching Sharp, Rutledge Cemeteries
Jacqueline Clepper, 2916 Pecan Ave., Leesburg, Fl 34748 Researching
Early Tennessee Records and Maps
Karen Burke, 460 Hwy 142 Lot 69, Covington, Ga. No Surnames Given.
Bertha Little, Conyers, Ga. Researching Livingston, Mallory, Strock,
Susan Freese, 3283 Salem Ln., Conyers, Ga. No Surnames Given
Jackie Thomas, 4850 Lenora Church Rd., Snellville, Ga. 30039 Researching
Thomas, Oglethorpe County
Angela Benoit, Covington, Ga. No Surnames Given
Donald Freeman, 113 South Broad St., Bowman, Ga. No Surnames Given
Dr. Donovan Harper, 3489 Harper Rd., McDonough, Ga. Researching Ashley,
Janis Cofer, Conyers, Researching Cofer (1790-1850)
Sue Uelmen, Conyers, No Surnames Given
Dyanne Fountain, 846 Corley Rd., Conyers, Researching Howard, Davis,
Stone, Indian Names: King, Rainwater

                     Web Link to Latin Dictionary

LATIN DICTIONARY. Understand Latin words and phrases you find in old
documents. Just fill in the blank with the Latin word.
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non-commercial, educational purposes; and (2) the following notice
appears at the end of the article: Written by [author’s name, e-mail
address, and URL, if given]. Previously published by Julia M. Case
and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG, Missing Links, Vol. 6, No. 1, 3 January
2001. RootsWeb:

             New Site for Web Research Reported

              New research location link

Marion, I don’t usually get excited about new sites, but this one
is an exceptio n. From this one site, you can access just about anything
genealogy related. I keep finding places I haven’t found before, and
I have been surfing for over 2 years. Check it out. Hope to see you
at next meeting.

Just Genealogy Links & Chat

Thanks to Roberta for this handy link.

            Company B Newton Rifles CSA Survivors

The Conyers Newspaper of August 29, 1891, published a listing of the
survivors of Company B, CSA, known as the Newton Rifles. The officers
of the unit when organized were: Capt. Joseph A. Stewart, 1st Lieutenant
John James Wingfield Glenn, 2nd Lieutenant L. A. Edwards, Jr. 2nd
Lieutenant M. F. Crumley,

Most of the survivors lived in the Newton/Rockdale area at the time
of the newspaper article. Known survivors were: Capt. J. A. Stewart,
John Welcome Almand, Walker Almand, Snowden Edward Taylor Anchors,
Shill Anchors, Caleb A. Blake, John J. Blake, Bates Christian, John
Christian, Samuel Criswell, James A. Camp, William C. Crawford, William
W. Crumley, M. G. Fomby, R. A. Gaines, T. D. Guinn*, John Guinn, R.
A. Guinn, J. J. W. Glenn, Robert H. Hollingsworth, George Washington
Hollingsworth, William F. Hardin, J. D. Hardin, C. H. Humphries, Edwin
Humphries, S. A. Hill, Thomas M. Hill, John L. Huchinson, Tilor Johnson,
Nathan Johnson, B. E. McDonald, Robt. McDonald*, Dock Mann, L. J.
Morgan, Thomas J. Morgan, William McKee, James H. Overton, William
M. Overton, Elisha H. Patterson, Frank M. Polsom, Jonathan Polson,
H. C. Penn, G. W. Parker, David D. Rice, W. B. Reagan, S. J. Richardson,
Richard A. Stansell, William S. (Sap) Stansell, Henry H. Stowers,
William W. Swann, W. B. Smith, James T. Smith, J. B. Smith, Sam F.
Scott, Richard Simpson Sims, H. D. Spinks, William Spinks, David R.
Thrasher, T. T. Thrasher, W. H. Trimble, J. H. Taylor, Tip Treadwell*,
J. A. Treadwell, W. E. Treadwell, H. G. B. Thorne, George Veal, James
Thomas Veal, Thomas B. Watkins, Benjamin J. Williams, John A. Winburn,
Hugh L. White, H. Yarbray, L. Yarbray.

The men whose names were astericked were not shown in the Roster of
Confederate Soldiers (Ga. R 973.7458 Ros). There were different spellings
of the names in that listing in some instances. We have chosen the
most likely correct spelling. There were others who were not included
in the newspaper article; and, of course, there were those who did
not survive.

The unit served throughout the war and was with General Robert E.
Lee when he surrendered at Appommattox Courthouse in Virginia on April
9, 1865. The unit was especially hard hit at the Battle of Cold Harbor,
Virginia on June 27, 1862 when twenty of their number were killed
or wounded. Sixteen of the original members were listed as being on
hand at the surrender at Appommattox.

     Rockdale Heritage History Book Still Available

The Heritage of Rockdale County , the history authored and edited
by members of the Rockdale Genealogical Society, remains in print
and available.  How long copies will remain available is questionable.
 They are being purchased daily.  Copies are on sale for $58.25 from
the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library.  They make wonderful gifts  for
birthdays and anniversaries.  They make a great coffee table conversation
starter. Just place your copy where it can be noticed and your visitors
 won't become bored.

          1917 Conyers Census Found and Copied

Your editor has completed reprinting the census of the City of Conyers
of 1917. This is available in the Nancy Guinn Library for your use
in your genealogical research. This census was taken by the churches
of Conyers and printed in the Conyers Times of January 19, 1917.
This census lists only the white people of the City of Conyers. It
does not include the people living in Rockdale County outside of the
city limits of the City of Conyers.

The first five pages are an index shown alphabetically. It shows the
names of all individuals living in households by their street of residence.
The second five pages are the listing as it was shown in the original
listing in the Conyers Times of January 19, 1917. The original listing
provided the church affiliation of each individual. This listing does
not duplicate that information. The microfilm of the newspaper will
provide that information if it is needed.

The original listing was grouped by streets. Some of those groupings
included more that one street. The streets included in multiple groupings
are as follows:

Milstead Ave. etc. includes Glade St., Rosser St. to North Main

East Ave. etc. includes Institute St., North St., West Rosser St.,
McCord St., to East Ave.

South Green St. includes Oakland Ave., Scott St., Travis St. Scott
St. and M. M. Almand St. (?)

The other streets are shown per the households grouped for the one

This census has not been posted on the web site maintained by your
editor. If you feel that it would be helpful to have this information
available on the web, you may sign on to the Rockdale Forum and post
a message requesting that it be made available. The URL is at: <>.

    Salem Baptist Church Records to be Available

Salem Baptist Church is located just north of Hightower Trail in the
area of Rockdale County which was originally Walton County when that
county was formed in 1818. The church dates to 1820. It is one of
the oldest churches in Rockdale if not the oldest. Markers in the
cemetery date to 1825.

The records of the church have been obtained by the Nancy Guinn Memorial
Library. Copies have been made and volunteer workers are busy preparing
them for binding so that they can be placed on the shelves for researchers
to use.

The records include membership listings and minutes of the business
meetings. The latter are very useful in providing information regarding
the day-to-day lives of the members during the early days of the area.
This information is rather negative since it usually delt with the
transgressions of members and the actions taken by the church to correct
such behavior. Members were brought before the chuch to answer charges
leveled against them. It makes interesting reading to note the seriousness
to which such behavior was regarded at the time with contrast to the
present day.

One area that was disapointing was the lack of information on the
Civil War era. During 1864 when the war came to Rockdale the church
simply held no meetings and noted such. The war was not mentioned.
Obviously, many of the men of the church were away fighting.
The records need to be indexed in order for them to be effectively
used for research since the records will require two or more volumes
to hold the extensive collection of information. This may be a future
job for your editor. (presently underway)

One particular item of interest that was noted was the mention of
sister churches in the area.  Some were mentioned at  much earlier
dates than the dates which have been previously used as the date of
origin for them.  Some of these churches will be pleasantly surprised
to learn of this documentation which supports a much earlier date
for when these churches were begun.

This is a great acquisition for our library. It will be used and reused
by visitors to the library.

     Some Dates Found During History Research

Oct. 29, 1880 Mr. Nights brick building on corner of Center Street
and Railroad Street nearing completion.

Aug. 19, 1881 J. A. Stewart’s new building will have a granite front,
the first of the kind.

Oct. 14, 1881 Previous Tuesday a fire burned cotton warehouse on Decatur
(Main) St. and three wooden stores on Center Street.

Oct. 28, 1881 New brick building on Commerce St. by J. N. Hale completed.

Aug. 11, 1882 New storehouse fininshed by J. H. Almand, Sr. on Commerce
St. and occupied by Langford & Tucker merchants.

Apr. 27, 1883 A tornado occurred on Sunday night previous with considerable

May 25, 1883 J. H. Almand has laid the foundation for another handsome
brick building on Commerce Street.

Sept. 7, 1883 Dan Scott has vacant lot for sale on corner of Center
and Commerce St. fronting railroad.

Dec. 14, 1883 T. D. O’Kelley to put old college building in fine repair
and use it for a dwelling.

Sept. 19, 1884 Methodist Church burned by Tom Marston. Jury found
him a lunatic and committed him to asylum.

Oct. 10, 1884 Bell tower was located to rear of Center Street (constructed
earlier). Lumber was donated by railroad. Used by nightwatchman.

March 27, 1885 A short history was published by the Weekly Farmer.

May 15, 1885 Tom Marston was released from asylum.

May 30, 1885 Tom Marston was returned to asylum.

May 2, 1891 New Conyers Institute to be built at Main St. location
(then Decatur St.).

May 9, 1891 New depot to be built.

May 16, 1891 Picture published of future Institute.

July 11, 1891 Conyers Institute organized.

Aug. 15, 1891 Depot nearing completion.

Aug 29, 1891 Newton Rifles (CSA) hold reunion. Survivors listed.

Aug. 29, 1891 Amended City Charter signed by governor.

Sept. 19, 1891 Conyers Institute opens in Masonic Hall prior to completion
of new building.

Sept. 10, 1892 Post Office mentioned as located in Travis Building
on Commerce St.

Sept. 24, 1892 Directory of merchants and officers published.

Oct. 15, 1892 Dr Lee has drugstore on Commerce St. John Almand has
bank vault.

Dec. 24, 1892 John Almand has fully equiped bank.

Jan. 21, 1893 Mention of Ice Skating and sleigh rides.

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