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                                                   August,  2013

                         Archives Opens Four Days  Per Week 

   This week on Wed. July 31, the GA Archives will reopen for Four Days
a week, at long last. Hope you will be there for the Ribbon Cutting
at 10:30 AM. Members of the Board of Regents staff and other dignitaries
will be on hand for the event, sponsored by the GA Genealogical Society.    

Upcoming Speakers

Sunday August 11, 2013
Laura W. Carter Speaking
Representing the Heritage Room in the Athens-Clarke County Library
Family Search, Wiki
a “must know” for every family researcher

September 8, 2013
Joanne SMALLEY – Top Ten County Records for
Genealogical Research

            Notes from Ken Thomas'  Articles

The column tonight, for June 30- starts with the announcement late
last week that the Georgia Archives will be going back to being open
FOUR days a week effective JULY 31- be sure you note the effective
date of Wed. July 31. I have summarized the efforts and the partners
involved during the past nine months since the horrid announcement
by the unmentioned state official that the Archives would be facing
drastic budget cuts and have to close due to his machinations.

The Georgia Archives has announced that effective July 31, they will
be open four days a week, Wednesday thru Saturday, from 8:30 a. m.
until 5 p. m. This extension of their hours is in part due to their
transfer, effective tomorrow, from the Secretary of State's Office
to the University System of Georgia.

Many Civil war events are planned. For national events, see, Click Here
or search each battle.

The television series "Who Do You Think You Are" returns this week
on TLC on Tuesday night at 9 p. m. and will include eight new episodes
featuring celebrities whose genealogies have not been explored previously
on the air. The Lisa Kudrow produced series’ new season features:
Christina Applegate, Kelly Clarkson, Cindy Crawford, Zooey Deschanel,
Chelsea Handler, Chris O'Donnell, Jim Parsons and Trisha Yearwood.

For those using mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) you can find free
genealogy apps if you go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.
Those available with a genealogy theme include Ancestry, Billion Graves,
Flipboard, Library Locator, MyHeritage, RootsMagic, RootsTech, and
YouTube, where there are interviews with genealogy experts.


          Planning for National Genealogy Month

October is National Genealogy Month. Planning is underway to provide
instruction and displays at both the Newton and Rockdale Libraries
during The Month of October.

Chris Zawadski and Gerre Byrd will be teaching classes at the Nancy
Guinn Library during the Month of October.  Anyone wishing to attend
these informative classes needs to plan to be in attendance on the
evenings which will be announced. 

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           Virginia Birth Records Available

Big news: Virginia’s governor has announced that birth records (1912
to present) will be available at all 75 state Department of Motor
Vehicles offices beginning 1 March 2014, and ALL marriage, death and
divorce records will be available at DMV locations beginning 1 January

Customers will still be able to obtain documents by ordering online
for delivery through the mail. The announcement describes a new feature
that is being offered in addition to all the services previously available.

There will still be a 100 year restriction so that only the person
himself can receive his birth certificate.  Not sure just what this
will do for someone trying to research genealogy in Virginia.

                     Notes From One Hundred Years Ago   

The old Confederate Vets were going by train to Chattanooga for a

COD parcel post was begun by the U. S. Postal Department.

Haynes Creek was ditched from Kennerly’s bottoms to McElroys Shoals
a distance of eight miles. This allowed land to be reclaimed from
the flood plain.

Mercer W. Hull and Miss Byrd Gibson were joined in marriage. He was
the assistant cashier of the Bank of Conyers. The young couple left
for a months trip to St. Simons Island. A party was given in the bride’s
honor by Mrs. H. T. Baldwin upon their return home. The couple resided
in their home on Milstead Avenue. The groom continued to reside there
until his death at one hundred years of age in 1984.

Legislation was passed by the legislature to allow trains to run on
Sunday. Automobile registration was set at $5.00.

               Using Property Record Cards in Research

The property record card for each property in Rockdale County has
a section which records the history of the ownership of the property.
It may in some cases provide the name of a former owner. This might
be a person for whom you may want to note when the property was purchased
and when the person was no longer the owner.

In order to access the property record card, you need to go to the
Rockdale Tax Assessors web site at: alsearch.php Click here

This site will provide you with a search option. You can search for
the name of the current owner if known. Another option is to search
for a street address. If you don’t know the specific street number,
you can search more widely by using just the street name while leaving
other fields blank. One problem you may encounter is the property
direction such as NE, NW, SE, SW. You may have to enter a direction
along with the street name in order to locate the street. I found
this true with College Avenue. College Ave. must have the NW designation
in order to access the listing for College Avenue. This section provides
a convenient help function which anticipates the spelling of a street
name or direction. As you type in the street name, it will prompt
you by offering a possible spelling. If it offers the name of the
street you are searching correctly, you can click on the offered name,
and, it will complete the typing of the name for you.

In the case of College Avenue for instance, by leaving the number
blank, you will get a complete listing of all of the properties on
College Avenue. This gives you a choice of selecting which property
may have the information you need. You then click on the highlighted
section of that listing and it will bring up the property record card
for that property. You will find detailed information regarding the
name and address of the owner and whether there is a homestead exemption
or not for the property. The homestead exemption for the property
means that it is the legal residence for the current owner.

You can scroll down the page to the section which will note the history
of the property. There are limitations for how far back the record
will indicate. There is no guarantee that all former owners will be

In the case of the property at 992 Main St. SW which was the house
formerly owned by Mrs. Sara Baldwin, a deceased centenarian of Rockdale
County, you will note the SW designation. This is an error. It should
be NW. All the properties on Main street in this vicinity are indicated
with the NW designation. Minor errors such as this may cause difficulty
in finding the correct property record card. This is not a frequent
problem. This house is currently owned by Wales Barksdale and the
property record card does indicate the name of the former owner, Mrs
Baldwin. I was unable to verify her birth and death dates. It was
well known in Conyers that she lived to be one hundred years old.
Another deceased centenarian, Mr. Mercer Hull, lived at 995 Milstead
Ave. NE. The property record card indicates this property is now owned
by Con-Roc Corp. It indicates that this is an exempt property and
is a home for battered women. The card does not provide information
regarding the former owner, Mr. Hull. Mr Hull died in 1984 within
three months of reaching his one hundred and one birthday.
It is an interesting story that these two individuals, Mr. Hull and
Mrs. Baldwin both lived to be one hundred years old.  As we noted
earlier in this newsletter,  Mrs. Baldwin hosted a party in honor
of the newlyweds.  This occurred one hundred years ago in 1913.  Mrs.
Baldwin's husband was the president of the Bank of Conyers. Mr. Hull
was the assistant cashier of the bank at that time.  He later became
president of the bank. 

Mr. Hull was twice appointed county commissioner on an interim basis
when vacancies in that office occurred. Another interesting aspect
of Mr. Hull's life was that he purchased the Rockdale County Pauper
Farm.   When Rockdale no longer had any paupers,  the pauper farm
property was sold and Mr. Hull purchased it.  Unfortunately, we have
been unable to determine the location of the farm. 

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