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                                                       August, 2012


        Some Notes from 100 Years Ago

Bonds wre floated for a waterworks for Conyers to be voted July 20,

Dirt and Cinders were placed on Commerce and Center Streets making
them far better conditions than in years past.

The Conyers Coca Cola Bottling Company installed a gas engine to use
when power is off.

The electric light plant suffered a piece of broken equipment and
power was off several days.

Mr. Carey Farmer and wife visited with her parents Mr. & Mrs. Floyd

The Pleasant Hill school property was sold by T. D. O’Kelley, superintendant.

A new gasoline engine began work on the roads. It had a cost of $4,160.
It used thirty to thirty-five gallons of gasoline a day. It recently
scraped the road out to Milstead and out to the Newton and Dekalb
county lines.

Primary election was held and 813 votes were cast in Rockdale County.

A bill was passed by the legislature repealing the tax on dogs.

The Counties of Bleckley and Wheeler were created by act of the legislature.

the tax levy for Rockdale was set at $1.10 per $100 of tax assessment.

The Wm. L. Peek family held a reunion. On hand were J. R. Irwin and
Wife, formerly Lizzy Peek; M. D. Irwin and wife, formerly Emma Peek;
Henry L. Smith and wife, formerly Lula Peek. Henry was the first graduate
of Georgia Tech. Also on hand were B. B. McCowan whose wife formerly
Ida Peek was deceased. Also, Edward L. Peek and his wife formerly
Miss Sadie McCalla. Ed was road commissioner for Rockdale County.
On hand were Horace H. Peek, and, Edward L. Almand and wife, formerely
Miss Willie Peek.

Mrs. G. W. Gleaton had as guest Miss Layona Glenn who was home for
a years rest from her duties as missionary to China.

August 17, 1912 noted the death of Dr. W. H. Lee aged 83. He owned
the drug store which was at the time the oldest business in Conyers.

Noted ads were run in the paper for Mens neckties ususally .50 on
sale for .25. Nice people drink soda. Drop in and have a glass today.
When in need of anything I handle, call 86-L.

                         DNA  Research                       

DNA information can lead to contacts which may point out the locality
of ancestors. At least, that was the case with Ken Thomas recently.
He reported in his newsletter that when a distant cousin’s DNA was
posted it revealed a match with a man with the same roots. This revealed
the site of the probable location for the common ancestor in the past.
Thus, it narrowed the probablilty of determining the whereabouts of
the ancestor. Brick walls can be broken by this technology. It is
something to consider for those brick walls which have been difficult.
By having this research done, you may discover distant relatives;
 and, thus the probable location of branches of the family.

       Billion Graves Search Site is going to integrate the results from searching
the data at

What BillionGraves is, is like Find a Grave, except a smartphone app
is used to take pictures of the headstones at any cemetery, the app
adds GPS data, and the user then uploads the pictures taken to the
BillionGraves website. As soon as they are uploaded, the photos are
immediately browsable.

Others then transcribe the data, and as soon as a transcription is
finished and the user transcribing goes to the next image, that information
is also searchable.

BillionGraves is already a FamilySearch affiliate, so they have been
working with them for nearly a year now. But now FamilySearch is going
to make the data searchable through its own search engine, which will
allow matches for headstones to show alongside results for other records
like say, a 1940 Census record or some other record that FamilySearch

You’ll still be able to search globally and by cemetery at BillionGraves,
the FamilySearch integration will allow for finding multiple records
for the same person. So if you are looking for the headstone and BillionGraves
has it, it will be there alongside any other types of records, or
if you are looking for that other type of record, and BillionGraves
has a headstone, that will show alongside the other search.

BillionGraves also has an ambitious goal for May, to collect 1 million
new headstone photos. More on that at their website.

Here’s the FamilySearch blog post that mentions the integration of
the database with FamilySearch’s own search results, and the article
also has the best description of how it works, some FamilySearch employees
went out and shot through a large cemetery, gathering pictures of
over 14,000 headstones in a single day last month.  Click here

           Research Notes from Thomas

When doing genealogical or historical research, there can be many
pitfalls due to some obvious “blinders” we might have, mostly based
on the times we live in and trying to use our own experiences when
interpreting our ancestors. Always be sure that when you find a lot
of entries about one person that you are dealing with only one person,
not two people with the same name. Remember in older times “Junior”
was used to designate two men with the same name, one older, one younger,
and did not necessarily mean father and son. Nicknames can add flavor
to your family tree but also confuse you if the family’s nickname
of Uncle Pete does not immediately lead you to a man named “William.”
Legal terms changed in meaning as well, as nephew comes from the Latin
word for grandson. A “mother-in-law” in earlier times also meant stepmother.

      Allen County E-Zine

The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has one of
the top ten genealogy libraries in the country. To subscribe to their
free monthly e-zine, “Genealogy Gems,” go to  click here
and go to “Genealogy Community” to fill out the form. One can check
back issues, search the library’s free databases, as well as access
other free services via this website.

       Speakers for Upcoming Meetings

AUGUST 12th - Dawn WATSON, a professional genealogist -
SEPTEMBER 9th - Robert Willingham, Jr. - author of Deadly Trust -
OCTOBER 14th - Laura Carter, of the Heritage Room, Athens-Clarke Co.
More info forthcoming. gb

        New DNA Service Launched launches new AncestryDNA Service. Affordable DNA test
combines Depth of Family History Database with an equally
usable database of DNA researchers. Available only to
subscribers at a cost of $99. The next generation of DNA Science is
poised to enrich family history research.

          The Armchair Genealogist

Visit the Armchair genealogist at:  Click here
for tips and ideas for your research. This tip comes from them. There
is a new Facebook group started by Susan Peterson called Technology
for Genealogy. Find support and motivation in the Family History Writing
Forum.  If you are on Facebook, this may be right up you alley. You
could alert your friends about this new forum.   Cemetery Information

Visit for information on cemetery symbolism. Learn about
the designs and engravings on tombstones. You might not know what
your ancestors were trying to tell you; but, you can learn what the
meanings and interpretations of the symbols commonly agreed upon by
gravestone scholars indicate.    Clisck here

       Web Site Has Much Information

Visit for a list of web sites and genealogy
pages which may help you in your research.  This site has many topics
which relate to genealogy research and family history.   Much of the
information concerns locations outside the Southern United States.This
can be enlightening to see what other localities are doing in respect
to research.   Click here

         Vanilla Pudding From 1912

Vanilla Pudding recipe from Sept. 1912 newspaper
One & a half heaping tablespoons of powdered gelatine Two cups of
milk half a cup of sugar One cup of whipped cream three eggs one and
a half teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Put the gelatine into a sauce pan, add the milk and sugar and disolve.
Beat up the eggs, then add the milk stirring all the time. Return
to the pan and stir over a slow fire till it thickens. Strain into
a basin. Add the vanilla extract and when cool fold in the whipped
cream. Pour into a wet mold, and when solid serve with any kind of

This sounds like the bananna pudding grandmother used to have nearly
every Sunday. She used vanilla crackers for the crust. Umm, umm.

      Photo Web Site May Be of Interest

One site that might interest some readers is "History Pin" where they
invite you for free to search for photos of historical topics and
places, as well as add your own.  One can search a particular place
linked to Google's Street View or add a historical photo of the same
location to tie to it.  It seems like a place to find photographs
to illustrate your family narrative and also a place to share your
own photographs.  It can be helpful in schools and local historical
societies to help create a project.  The goal is to make a "Digital
History of the World" in parternership with Google.  There was a review
of in the March/April issue of "Family Tree Magazine".  Check it out
at .  Click here
(Thanks to Ken Thomas)

       1940 Census Index is Completed

On 3 August 2012 announced that they had finished indexing—and
publishing—the 1940 US Census. “We are so excited to be publishing
our index to the 1940 U.S. Federal Census for free on,”
said Tim Sullivan, CEO of

Meanwhile, as of 8:30 that morning, FamilySearch had not published
an index since the 18th of July. Their indexing completion percentage
had risen to 99, and the status map indicated two states left to finish:
New Jersey and Tennessee.

Later in the day FamilySearch announced that indexing was complete
and six states would be published today, 6th of August. The announcement
said that they would finish publishing the entire census by the end
of the month. Despite the announcement, as of Saturday, 4th of August,
batches were still available for “US, Puerto Rico—Censo Federal de

The full text of the Ancestry press release can be read online, as
can the announcement by FamilySearch.

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