Publication of The Rockdale County Genealogical Society

                                        August, 2008

                     Library to Close

                                    AUGUST 3-17, 2008

The Library will be closed August 3rd through August 17th while staff
members move all library services to the lower level of the building.
Construction crews will begin work on the upper level in September.

The Library will re-open on Monday, August 18th. Patrons will enter
on the lower level at the back of the building. Open hours and most
services will resume as usual. However, the meeting and conference
rooms will not be available until construction is finished.

Checked out books and other items will not be due back while the Library
is closed. Fines will not accumulate during this time. Please keep
your items and return them any day between August 18th and September

We look forward to welcoming you to the temporary quarters of the
Nancy Guinn Library. The stafl will assist you in finding your way

Ed: The Rockdale Genealogical Society will continue to meet at the
Mormon Church indefinitely until such time as the library becomes
available. Research materials are unavailable pending notification
from the library.

               Library Visitors List Names Researched

Dorothy Edwards, P. O. Box 83309, Conyers, Ga. 30013. Researching
Johnson, Hubbard, Goldman, Sullivan.

Marilyn ?Silvermann?, 6065 M. Jom Miller Rd., Dallas, Tx. 75228. Researching

Bud Russell, Stone Mountain, Ga. Researching Rockdale Cemeteries.

Bill Wallace, 304 Woodward Rd., Trussuelle, Al. 35173. Researching
Wallace, Wingo, Brown, Hayes, Moore, Seay.

John Palmer Bartlett, Rt. 1 Box 271AA, McRae, Ga. Researching Burke

David Jean, 85 Cross Line Dr., Covington, Ga. Researching Pope, Waldrop,
Gavings, Longshore, Tomlin.

           Discussion of On-Line Services

It seems that Altavista is much better than Google for genealogical

A distant cousin is organizing a GROWDEN family reunion, and I have
a GROWDEN family web page, and was trying to see what there was on
the family on the web.

I entered “Growden family Growdon” (both spellings are used) in both
Google and Altavista ( and Altavista returned
far more relevant results on the first page. My page dedicated to
Growden family history did not show up on the first couple of Google
pages at all, but it was the first one on Altavista. It also appeared
on the first page on Dogpile (

“Google is your friend” has become something of a cliche in genealogy
newsgroups, but it is worth remembering that it is not the only search
engine, and for genealogical purposes it is not even the best.
-- Steve Hayes E-mail: (see web page if it doesn’t
work) Web:

Altavista, it came up with a page of relevant search results.
On Google that particular page still hadn’t come up after 17 pages.
There were quite a lot of pages dealing with papers by a neurologist
Dr Growdon who referred to the family history of his patients and
research subjects -- fair enough. There was some stuff I could use,
even on page 16 and 17.

But many of the Google results came up with surname search sites that
didn’t have any useful information, but were just programmed to come
up when anyone was looking for a surname and genealogy. Some of them
say no, they don’t have any information on Growdon but search our
(pay per view) site for any other surnames you may be interested in.
That’s not useful information -- it’s commercial fluff. When Google
started 10 years ago it wasn’t like that - it was better than the
other search engines and produced more relevant results. That’s how
it got to be the leading search engine. But it’s lost its edge and
some of the others have caught up and passed it -- at least for delivering
genealogically relevant results.

I’m not saying don’t use Google at all, but perhaps try other search
engines, like Altavista, first.
-- Steve Hayes Web:

WRT the test results, I personally have found no significant SUBJECTIVE
difference between Google and AltaVista. Both throw up commercial
links at the head of every page, followed by possibly relevant non-commercial
links. In either case there was a lot of cruft to wade through. That
doesn’t mean, of course, that there are no differences, just that
my quick’n’dirty test found none that I felt to be significant.

Scientific Ol’ Bob

            Letter to Susanne

Dear Susanne,

We really had a good time at the Rice Reunion. We want to thank you
for making the arrangements. The clubhouse at the complex was an excellent
place to have it.

I think I need to touch on the brief discussion that we had on researching
because I might have misled you. It is quite acceptable to receive
information from someone else who may have researched something before
you had a chance to do it. We do it all the time. Unfortunately, often
some of the information that that you may obtain is likely to be inaccurate.
There is only one answer to this. You must inquire about the source
of the information presented so that you can verify it yourself. Nothing
takes the place of putting your own eyeballs on the original documents

Many times when you do this, you find that the interpretation of the
matter may have been open to question. The decision was made without
complete information or at least some corroborating data. Sometimes
you may think you have the right person only to later find that the
dates were wrong or some other such evidence.

Some people are happy to simply collect information that other people
have provided without testing the validity of it. For me, satisfaction
comes from knowing that the information is totally mine. I can vouch
for it. I know it is correct to the best of my ability. I spent considerable
time digging it up. Finding each scrap of information was a joyous

Who do you want to share your information with? Well, I think this
is a more difficult question now than it used to be. There is an effort
now to commercialize genealogy research. Data is posted here and there
on the internet without respect for who compiled it. I have seen where
some individuals were quite unhappy when some information which was
shared reappeared on the internet under another person’s name. There
is simply no way to be certain that the individual you are confiding
with will respect your wishes to keep your information from being
placed in the public domain. The best you can do is to ask that person
to refrain from passing the information on. What you do is inform
the person that this information is for their personal use and not
to be posted or passed on.

Anyway, I am happy that you are taking up the torch. I wish you much
success in your research.

                      Rice Family Tree

Archibald William Rice, Jr.
b. 01-30-1816 in North Carolina  
d. 11-29-1891
Buried in Almand Cemetery-Rockdale County-Conyers, GA
Mary Adeline Berry Rice
b.  10-10-1858 
d.  06-02-1940

Family Tree

This couple was blessed with six children.

Albert Marion Rice, Sr. (wife Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Simonton)
        b. 08-31-1884                b. 12-17-1885
                d. 02-09-1966                d. 08-   -1972

Mary Ethel Rice (husband Joel Leland Camp)
        b. 09-07-1887                b. 05-07-1875
        d. 02-28-1968                d. 03-18-1939
Both were born and died in Rockdale County Georgia and
buried in Bethel Church Cemetery-Hwy 20 North-Conyers, Georgia
James Howard Rice (wife Elma Mae Camp)
        b. 02-02-1886                b. 09-03-1878
        d. 04-13-1929                d. 07-13-1963
Both buried in Bethel Church Cemetery

Clara Mae Rice (husband John Garrett Britt)
        b. 09-11-1889                b.
        d. 11-28-1967                d. 04-27-1955
Buried in DeKalb County, Tucker, GA

Charles Crowley Rice (wife Bessie Lee Payne)
        b. 08-08-1891                b. 08-24-1897
        d. 02-11-1973                d. 08-03-1975
Both buried in Crestlawn Cemetery, Chattahoochee Blvd. Atlanta, GA

Lee Hamilton Rice (wife Ola Marie Berry)
        b. 07-06-1893                b.
        d. 03-22-1961                d.

Albert & Mary Elizabeth Rice           They had three children.

Albert:                             Mary Lizzie
b. 08-31-1884    Rockdale County, GA                b. 12-24-1885               
d. 02-09-1966  Rockdale County, GA            d. 08-01-1972 Fulton Co., GA

1. Charles Rice                            (Jeanette)
        b.                                b.
        d.                                d.

2. Albert Marion Rice, Jr.                     (Kathleen “Kitty” Keenan)
        b. 07-19-1914                        b. 05-16-1916
        d. 05-22-1988                        d. 05-19-1992
Married 11-09-1941

-Thomas “Tom” Marion Rice                     (Jan)   
    b. 12-23-1947                        b. 09-26-1953
    d.                                d.

-Andrew Thomas “Andy”  Rice                    (Birgit)
    b. 12-14-1973                b.
    d.                        d.

-Adam Rice                   
    b. 02-24-1982                       

        -James “Jim” Albert Rice                    (Helen)
            b. 07-17-1950                        b.
            d.                                d.

                -Kathleen “Katie”

                -Michael Rice
        -Susanna Kathleen Rice                     (Richard Allen Ramsey)
            b. 10-09-1952                        b.
            d.                                d.
Married 06-16-1973
                -Natalie Ramsey
                    b. 01-18-1977

                -Valerie Ramsey                (Brannon McKay)
                    b. 11-16-1978                b.
                    d.                        d.
Married 06-14-03
                        -Baby due Sept. 2008

        -John Howard Rice                    (Jill)
            b. 07-30-1955                        b.
            d.                                d.
                -Shelby Rice
                -baby girl due 2008

Jill adopted a girl with her first husband.
        John has two sons with first wife, Linda. They are:

Jack Rice                             (Margaret)
b. 06-13-1928                        b. 07-20-1932
d.                                d.

-Christopher Marion Rice                (Barbara Ward)
    b. 04-16-1954                        b. 08-22-1955
    d.                                d.

-Jason Charles Rice                    (Jacqueline DeGroat
    b. 09-10-1960                        b. 08-21-1962
    d.                                d.
            Married 06-30-1990

    -Theodore DeGroat Rice
        b. 03-13-1996

-Patricia Elise Rice                    (John Nicolas Oltean)
    b. 05-26-1962                        b. 11-20-1961
    d.                                d.
            Married 08-21-1987

- John Nicolas Oltean
b. 11-20-1961

- Eric John Oltean
    b. 01-14-1994

- Elliott Patrick Oltean
    b. 08-19-1999

Joel Leland & Ethel Rice Camp               They had six children.

Lee                                        Ethel
    b. 04-07-1875 Rockdale Co., GA                b. 09-07-1887 Rockdale Co.
    d. 01-18-1939 Rockdale Co., GA                d. 02-28-1968 Rockdale Co.
Buried in Bethel Church Cemetery-Rockdale Co.
Married  1903 in Rockdale County, Conyers, GA

Lucy Camilla Camp Farmer                     (Twain)
b. 08-20-1905 Rockdale Co.                b. 10-17-1898 Rockdale Co.
d. 02-17-1950 Rockdale Co.                d. 03-12-1972 Rockdale Co.
Buried in Philadelphia United Methodist Church Cemetery, Rockdale Co., Conyers,GA
            Married 12-29-1929
Rockdale County Marriage Book E Aug. 1929-March 1936 p.21

-June Farmer
    b. 08-03-1930 Rockdale Co.
    d. 08-03-1930 Rockdale Co.
She lived only a few hours - buried with parents at Philadelphia.

-Marion Twain Farmer
    b. 08-10-1938 Rockdale Co.
    -No children, never married

Edna Olive Camp Underwood                 (Firley)
b. 10-15-1908 Rockdale Co.            b. 10-20-1906 Rockdale Co.
d. 11-26-1983 Rockdale Co.            d. 10-05-1983 Rockdale Co.
        Married 04-05-1942 Rockdale Co.
Buried Bethel Church Cemetery – Rockdale County
-No children

Leon Fay Camp                            (Marianne Austin)
b. 04-04-1911 Rockdale Co.            b. 05-07-1917 Rockdale Co.
d. 02-20-1952 Rockdale Co.            d. 12-08-1997 Asheville, NC

-Leann Faye Camp Kelley                 (Joe)
    b. 09-02-1950                        b. 03-21-1952
    d.                                d.
            Married 04-14-1973

    -Erin Kelley
        b. 02-16-1981
-Jennifer Ann Kelley
        b. 10-30-1983

    -Clarissa Drew Kelley
        b. 01-12-1987

Reba Elizabeth Camp Costley                 (Earl Barnett)
b. 05-25-1914 Rockdale Co.            b. 11-06-1914 Rockdale Co.
d. 03-16-2007 Rockdale Co.            d. 01-12-1987 Rockdale Co.
Buried at Bethel Church Cemetery-Rockdale Co.-Conyers, GA
Married 04-14-1934 in Rockdale County, Conyers, GA

-Joan Elizabeth Costley Dunn                 (Robert Wayne)
                    Married 10-1966 and Divorced 12-1986
    -Kenneth Wayne Dunn                (Mandy LaShay)
        b. 12-19-1975 DeKalb Co., GA            b. 01-10-1979
        d.                            d.
            Married 08-23-1997 DeKalb Co., Alabama

        -Kennedy Faith Dunn
            b. 03-29-2001 Dekalb Co.,Alabama – Fort Payne, AL

  Joan Elizabeth Costley Brown –   second marriage to    (J. Dale)
        b. 08-05-1948 Fulton Co., GA            b. 07-18-1947 Walton Co
        d.                            d.
Married 05-11-1991 Rockdale County, Conyers, GA
    -No children

James Harold Camp                         (Ruby Wigley)
b. 08-27-1917 Rockdale Co.                b. 12-12-1924
d. 03-17-1957 Rockdale Co.                d. 07-06-1995

-Linda Diane Camp Gault                 (Buddy – divorced)
    b. 04-01-1945                        b.
    d.                                d.

-Michael Alexander Gault             (Jennifer Medford)
    b. 12-03-1969                        b.
    d.                            d. 03-13-2002
    -Garner Gault
        d. 03-13-2002
    Jennifer and 7 month old Garner Gault were killed in an auto accident
    03-13-2002 Gwinnette County, GA

    -Patrick Jerome Gault
        b. 06-01-1975

Opal Patricia Camp Plunkett                     (William Leon Plunkett)
b. 03-30-1922 Rockdale Co.                b. 12-17-1910
d. 05-30-1996 Cobb County, GA-Smyrna    d. 01-18-1990 Cobb Co.   
Married 11-24-1951 Rockdale County, Conyers, GA
Buried in Kennesaw Memorial Park, Smyrna, GA

-Patricia Lynn Plunkett Mackay             (David)
        b. 08-18-1953                    b. 08-28-1952
        d.                            d.
Married 09-03-1977 Cobb County, Smyrna, GA
    -Ivy Leigh Mackay
            b. 03-13-1981

-Susan Carol Plunkett Denney                 (Mark)
        b. 10-10-1956                    b. 02-21-1955
        d.                            d.
Married 06-18-1983 Cobb County, Smyrna, GA

    -Ryan Patrick Denney
            b. 10-19-1987

    -Craig Alan Denney
            b. 11-21-1989

    -Kevin Mark Denney
            b. 11-13-1991

    -Scott Carroll Denney
            b. 05-10-1994
James Howard & Elma Mae Camp Rice              They had three children.

James                                Elma
    b. 02-02-1886 Rockdale Co., GA            b. 08-03-1878 Rockdale Co.
    d. 04-13-1929 Rockdale Co., GA            d. 07-13-1927 Rockdale Co.

Ila Mae Rice Edwards                     (J T Edwards)
b. 08-31-1909
d. 03-03-2005
        Married 07-16-1932
She is buried at Bethel Church Cemetery, Rockdale County, Conyers, GA

-no children

Hazel Rice
b. 07-01-1907
d. 09-12-1994
Buried at Bethel Church Cemetery, Rockdale County, Conyers, GA

-Never married

3.  Corine Rice
        b. 03-24-1905
        d. 04-09-1908
        Buried at Bethel Church Cemetery, Rockdale County, Conyers, GA

Clara Mae Rice & John Garrett Britt                   They had two children.

Clara Mae Rice Britt                            John Garrett Britt
b. 09-11-1889 Rockdale Co., GA                    b.
d. 11-28-1967 DeKalb Co., GA                    d.
Buried in Tucker, GA – DeKalb County

1.Henrietta Britt Caldwell                     (WM Caldwell)
b.                                    b.
d.                                    d. 10-30-1969

-Nita Caldwell

-Mackey Caldwell, III

Celia Britt

Charles Crowley & Bessie Lee Payne Rice               They had three children.

Charles                                 Bessie
        b. 08-08-1891 Rockdale Co., GA            b. 08-24-1897
        d. 02-11-1973 Fulton Co. GA                d. 08-03-1975
Married 12-07-1919 in Fulton County, GA
Both are buried at Crestlawn Cemetery, Chattachoe Blvd., Atlanta, GA

Betty Ann Rice Tolbert                         (Ernest)
b. 08-26-1929                            b. 01-12-1922
d.                                    d.
        Married 04-15-1951

-LeeAnn Tolbert Sheets                     (Donald Wayne Sheets)
    b. 11-8-1960                        b. 10-17-1959
    d.                                d.
        Married 06-17-1989

-Ernest Alan Tolbert                     (Cherie Lee)
    b. 12-17-1964                        b. 04-04-1959
    d.                                d.
        Married 11-19-1994

Amanda Leigh Tolbert
b. 07-30-1995

Mary Frances Rice
b. 01-01-1922

-No children, never married

Charles Crowley Rice, Jr.                    (Mary Jane Schumacher)
b. 09-16-1920                       
    Married 06-06-1948 – Raleigh, NC
Divorced 02-02-1984 – Hamilton, Ohio

- Jane Kathern Rice                    (Jim Steven Horwitz)
    b. 08-09-1953 Asheville, NC            b. 07-06-1953 Chicago, Ill.
    d.                            d.   

-Charles David Rice                     (Rita Jeanette Prichard)
    b. 12-13-1950 Chapel Hill, NC                b. 01-23-1954
    d.                                d.

-Charles Wade “Chad” Rice                    

    -Carrie Anne Rice
        b. 12-06-1992

Mildred Louise Rice
b. 03-09-1926
d. 03-09-1926

Buried in Crestlawn Cemetery, Section 10, in plot with parents – Atlanta, GA

James William Rice
b. 06-01-1924
d. 06-01-1924
Buried in Crestlawn Cemetery, Section 10, in plot with parents – Atlanta, GA

Lee Hamilton & Ola Marie Rice                       They had one child.

Lee                                    Marie
    b. 07-06-1892                             b. 04-18-1903
    d. 03-22-1961                            d. 10-03-1989
            Married 1924

Danny Lee Rice             (Emma Eugenia)        (Pat Steele)
b. 02-16-1931            b. 01-08-1934        b.
d.           2007            d.                d.

-Danny Wayne Rice                     (Connie Ellis-div.)
        b. 04-14-1951                    b.
        d.                            d.

    -Andrew Lee Rice
        b. 06-29-1975

 Danny Wayne Rice – second marriage to        (Martha Katherine Evans)

-Elliott Dan Rice                       
        b. 08-29-1988                   

    -Katherine Rice
        Died at birth:  June 30, 1990

-Kathy Jean Rice Parker                     (Robert Thomas Parker)
        b. 12-21-1953                    b.
        d.                            d.

    -Alisha Crystal Parker
        b. 11-16-1984

    -Douglas Thomas Parker
        b. 11-21-1986

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