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                                                    August, 2006

                                     August 13, 2006, Meeting

The Rockdale Genealogical Society will meet at 3:00 PM on Sunday,
August 13, 2006 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
1275 Flat Shoals Rd., SE, Conyers, Georgia.

Our speaker will be Debbie Manget, director of the Nancy Guinn Memorial
Library, speaking on “Plans for the new library and the Heritage Room.”

For information please call 770-356-3229 or e-mail

The public is invited. There is no admission charged; however, donations
are appreciated. These help to defray expenses such as paying for
speaker’s expenses to travel to our meetings.

                           Bible Records Can Be Important for Research

This information taken from Ken Thomas’ book “Ken Thomas on Genealogy”
has a suggestion of what should be done with regard to Bible records:

Family Bibles often contain family information pages where our ancestors
have inscribed births, marriages and deaths. Many copies of these
records have been published, while others have been gathered over
the years by genealogical societies and patriotic groups, such as
the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The Georgia State
Archives has an interesting collection of them both in typescripts
and on microfilm.

The Georgia Genealogical Society, Box 38066, Atlanta, 30334, is interested
in acquiring copies (not the bibles themselves) of any Bible records
not heretofore published or on deposit at the Archives. Persons sending
such to the society, or directly to the archives, should include the
title page of the Bible, since the date of publication is very important
in order to ascertain whether the records were contemporary with the
events or recorded later.

Anyone who locates a Bible for sale, or has access to any Bible that
is no longer with its family, should make an effort to copy the records
(either photocopy or transcript) in order that this information could
be made useful to others.

The Rockdale Genealogical Society will accept copies from family Bibles
of the family names which have been recorded therein. These will become
part of the records held in the family file folders in the special
collections room at the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library.

               Latter-Day Church Family History Hours

This may be late for August but we would like to post our hours of
operation at the Family History Library in your monthly newsletter.
The hours are:

Tuesday: 10:00am-2:00pm, 7:00-9:00pm Wednesday: 10:00am-2:00pm, 7:00-9:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am-2:00pm Others times available by appointment by
calling 770-785-9888.

Thank you,

           2006 Scheduled Speakers for Remainder of Year

September 10 - Bill Freese “Using the Federal Census”

October 8 - Ken Thomas, AJC Genealogy Columnist (topic to be determined)

November 12 -  Celebrations, Reflections, and Refreshments.

                 Library Visitors List Research Names

Nancy Guest, 207 Arcadia Dr., Tocoa, Ga. 30577. Researching Johnson

Deborrah Furse, 1608 Brentwood Crossing, Conyers, Ga. DFURSE@BELLSOUTH.NET,
Researching Underwood, Sawyer, Farmer, Hollingsworth

Alice Bratcher, Louisville, Ky. Researching family

Worthy Edwards, Conyers, Ga. Researching Johnson, Edwards, Sullivan

           Brooks Surname Inquiry

I am a GG-Grandson of Josiah and Ruth Brooks who settled in the Sheffield
Dist. of Newton County circa 1830. My G-Grandfather was a younger
brother to Cornelia Adeline Brooks Peek who I believe is the matriarch
of a sizable Peek clan in your county. He also was a younger brother
to James Hunter Brooks whose Granddaughter Jessie married Thomas Farmer.
Her father was also named Josiah and lived with them as of the 1930
census. Directly below them on that census is the Newt Farmer family
which includes a son Marion T. Farmer.

I am trying to help a cousin of mine in North Carolina update the
book “Brooks and Kindred Families” which was originally published
in 1950 by Ida Brooks Kellam. He, of course, is also a cousin to some
of the Farmer family.

My Great-Grandfather, John J. Brooks was captured at Gettysburg on
July 3, 1863, and had four brothers die in the Civil War.

I think the Farmer that Jesse Brooks married was James Thomas, and
his family was directly above the Newt Farmer family on the 1930 census.
There were also two Peek families on the same page. My Great-Grandmother,
Cynthia Elizabeth Wilson, was also from Conyers. I’m kin to Judy Bond,
whom you might know, through her. Judy led my brother to our G-Grandmothers’
grave in the Sodom Cemetery.

Thanks for any and all considerations. We would like to contact anyone
having information related to Brooks, Wilson and Farmer families of
Newton and Rockdale Counties.

Mike Almgren
547 Gunter St.
Batesburg, SC 29006


        Trying to Locate a Genealogist

Ms. Pierce, I saw in the AGS publication about your up coming meeting.
I am searching for Mr. .Montgomery Hurst. I was hoping if you do not
know him that you could ask at your meeting if anyone knows about
him. He is a genealogist that lives in your area. I have been trying
to call him, but to no avail. I know he is an older gentleman and
I was afraid he had passed away. All my emails to him have come back.
I’m trying to reach him about the Montgomery Hurst Book the he wrote
several years ago. I do so want a copy of his book. If you can tell
me anything about him it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for
you time. Lou Hays

Lou Hays

              Judy Bond Reports on Cemetery Work

We have been in the woods and all over the south side of Rockdale
researching Cemeteries.

This may be a good topic to report: Our cemetery research updates
as to what we have done and where we are. Don Sailors of Jackson County
has been working with me. He photographs, pinpoints by GPS, and documents
the locations. I give him all the information I have gathered on families
of the county. He compiles it on his computer for the up-coming CD/DVD.

I will get with you on this later.

Judy Bond

           Gone to Georgia Book Noted

“Gone to Georgia” by William C. Stewart is one of the most important
reference works for Franklin, Jackson, and Gwinnett Counties of Georgia.
It includes information on settlers of Madison, Clarke, Hall, Habersham,
Oglethorpe, Jasper and DeKalb Counties. Rockdale County is included
since it sprang in part from Gwinnett County.

The book focuses on families which moved through or from Pendleton,
Greenville, Spartanburg and Abbeville Districts of South Carolina
into Franklin, Jackson and the succeeding counties in the period roughly
from 1796 to 1827.

There are four copies of the book in the Nancy Guinn collection, three
of which are available for circulation. These should be available
for inter-library distribution to patrons of other libraries. The
call letters are: GA 929.3 STE

         Date Calculation WEB Tools Available

Hello to All.

The following sites are active and usable for date calculation and
you would do well to add them to your favorites list.   Click Here Here

Hope This will solve your problem. Good luck in your quest.
Laurie Woodworth, Goldstrohm, Roberts
Laurie Roberts <>

These web sites should be very helpful to those who want to calculate
the age of an ancestor.

        Palm Pilot Software for Genealogy Use

I’m sure everyone knows now but me, but what software can I use on
my palm pilot that will let me carry my genealogy with me?

“Kate” <>

    I believe the PalmOS is supported by something called GEDStar/GEDStar

    WinCE devices are supported by (hmmm, didn’t I install it on this
nearly year-old computer... dig up PDA) Pocket Genealogist

So, if you want to go small and have your research at hand, you can
do it with a Palm Pilot and the right software.

      South Carolina Archives Hours Noted

Due to budget cuts, the South Carolina Department of Archives and
History at Columbia, South Carolina will discontinue evening and weekend
hours.  The new hours will be from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday to
Friday effective in July, 2006. 

The reduction will provide researchers with only forty hours of access
each week and that will be limited to regular state business hours.
 Previously, the agency had offered the most generous hours of any
state archives with seventy-seven hours available each week. 

Anyone planning to visit the South Carolina State Archives should
be well advised to check ahead to determine available hours. Otherwise,
you might find yourself unable to gain access to the facility.

        City of Conyers History Available on CD or VHS

The Conyers City of Vision 150th Anniversary video is available for

This is a video documentary which features interviews and special
memories from Conyers’ first 150 years. All the proceeds support the
Rockdale County Historical Society.

It is available in VHS tape for $5.00 + tax and shipping. It is also
available in DVD Disk for $10.00 + Tax and shipping.

Add 7% tax and $3.50 for shipping.

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