Rockdale County Genealogical Society Publication        August, 2001

                Bob Phillips Continues To Help Researchers

Robert (Bob) Phillips has been a tireless researcher. He has helped
many individuals in their search for information. Much of his research
has been on Rockdale County surnames. Some of the surnames which he
has researched in Rockdale are as follows: Marston, Richards, Bryan,
Thorn, Baker, Winburn, Carter, Dabney, Cowan, Lavvorn, Sharp, Hollingsworth,
Scott, Dennard, Guess, and McCollum
He has also researched many names not associated with Rockdale County.
These are too numerous to list here. He can do research on any locality
in Georgia. He has contacts with people concerning research which
has been done on many surnames. Bob is a good man to know if you have
a question about how to go about doing a difficult bit of research.
He is particularly adept at seeking out information on cemetery markers.

Bob is not on-line; but, he can receive e-mail requests via the Nancy
Guinn Memorial Library e-mail address. The e-mail address for the
library is: <library>. The library
will forward requests to Bob if they are noted “for Bob Phillips”.
Bob has been able to help many out-of-state people in their efforts
to obtain information on Georgia surnames. If you have a problem with
reaching him through the library, you may route your request through
the newsletter editor at: <>.

The Rockdale County Genealogical Society is fortunate in having an
individual like Bob on hand to assist researchers in their quest for
that elusive ancestor. Bob has certainly been generous with his time.
He has always been available when needed to assist researchers at
the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library.

      New Books on Shelf for Use in Research

Forsyth County, Ga. Marriage Records 1833-1933 (Ga. R 937.5826 Bro)
Towns County, Georgia Cemeteries (Ga. R 975.8282 Bro)
Marriages and Obituaries from the Macon Messenger 1818-1869 (Ga. R
929.3758 Roc)
Tidewater Virginia Families (Ga. R 929.2097 Dav)
Hancock County, Georgia Early Newspaper Abstracts “Farmers Gazette”
1803-1804, 1806-1807 (Ga. R 975.8623 Pos)
Marriage Book 1822 - 1836 Pike County, Georgia (Ga. R 975.8453 Mar)
Henry County Sesquicentennial 1821 - 1971 (Ga R 975.8435 Hen)
Gwinnett County Georgia Churches Reprint of 1911 Book (Ga. R 975.8223
All Known Cemeteries of Clayton County, Ga. (Ga. R 975.8432 All)
Lowndes County, Ga., Heritage of Full Name Index (Ga. R 975.8864 Her)
Lowndes County, Ga., Heritage of (Ga. R 975.8864 Her)
Polk County, Ga., Heritage of 1851 - 2000 (Ga. R 975.8375 Her)
Talladega County, Alabama, Heritage of (Ga. R 976.161 Her)
Pennsylvania Vital Records Volume III (Ga. R 929.3748 V3)
You can find a complete list of genealogical books previously added to the
shelves at:

 Book List

                 Library Visitors List Surnames Researched

Jerry Hammond, 55 Lacey Oak Lane, Loganville, Ga. 30052, No names

Paul A. Tucker, 616 Stillmeadow Dr., Richardson, TX 75081, Researching
Tucker, Thompson.

Donald Freeman, 113 South Broad St., Bowman, GA. 30624-1939, No names

Robert Stevens, 1163 North Hicks Ct., Conyers, Ga. 30012, Researching

Elizabeth (Beth) A. Harper, 918 Park Place, Conyers, GA. 30012, Researching
Harper, Loyd & Patterson.

Dyanne Fountain, 846 Corley Rd., Conyers, GA. 30012, Researching Fountain,
King, Howard, Davis, Stone in South Georgia.

Mary Gaddis, 1164 Tony Vally Dr., Conyers, GA. 30013, Researching
Mulkey, Gaddis from the History of Gilmer County.

John A. Alexander, 327 E. Washington, E. Tawas, MI. 48730, Researching

Patte Satterfield, Covington, GA., Researching Scott.

Freida Hill McCall, Conyers, Ga., Researching Hill.

Mary Long, Lawrenceville, GA., No names given.

Charles & Jeanne Read, Conyers, Ga., Researching Read, Wickliffe,
Luckett, Allenthrope.

Glen A. Johnson, 80 Rolling Ridge, Covington, GA., Researching Maps.

Ginger (King) Stupp, 153 Hulks Court, Loganville, Ga. 30052., Researching
King, Veal, Brackett, Hadaway, Stupp.

Janie Mitchell, 634 Glenridge Ct., Conyers, Ga. 30094, No names given.

Bonnie Lambert, 13152 Hwy 36, Covington, Ga. 30014, No names given.

           New Microfilm Viewer Purchased for Library

The Nancy Guinn Memorial Library has acquired a new microfilm reader
for the genealogy and history section. The addition is much needed.
The old readers are beginning to show their age. This addition gives
the special collections room two readers which can be used for reading
the census and newspaper microfilm. There are two additional readers
which are located in the lobby of the library.

The two readers in the special collections room do not make copies.
The two in the lobby have that capability. The new reader is especially
good for reading the newspapers because it has a larger viewing area
allowing for reading a complete page of the newspaper at once. If
there is to be a criticism of the new reader it may be that it is
quite large and fills a work station completely making it difficult
to write or use a computer while using it. The new machine is a great
improvement and a very welcome addition.

In case you are wondering why the two machines which have copy capability
are located outside of the special collections room, the answer is
that they have their own built-in table-mounted apparatus which is
not suited for the space available in the special collections room.
The special collections room has custom-made work stations which have
to have table-mounted machines rather than ones which sit on the floor.

           New Web Site For Agor Family Name

Since the disappearance of the Agor Clan Website, I have set up a
new site at: <> If you have
any input or suggestions, please let me know. I am still working on
it but the basics are there.


 Link to Agor Web Page

             PBS Show of Interest to Genealogists

PBS, The public broadcast system, recently aired a program which had
a genealogy related theme. Perhaps you saw it. It was called simply
“Alan Berliner”. It was produced and filmed by (guess who) Alan Berliner.

Alan Berliner was qurious about the origin of his name. This led him
to try to find out about other people who had the same name. He did
a search on the web and turned up a several people with the same name.
He also sent out an inquiry to all the people with the name Berliner
trying to find out if there were any relatives and if they had an
Alan in their family.

His search turned up about twelve people having the name Alan Berliner.
The Alan Berliner club was formed by correspondence. He also turned
up a German person with the name Alain Berliner. The name itself is
German, and, you would think that the origin would have something
to do with the city of Berlin in Germany.

Alan, being a motion picture photographer and producer, used his talents
to document the occasion of a meeting of the club in New York City.
This became the PBS program. Catch the program if you can. There is
certain to be a rerun of it.

All this raises the question of each persons name; the uniqueness
of it. The origin of the use of the name. The relationships of the
family name. All of this is related to genealogy. It can provide a
vehicle to use in inquires sent to others.

Take the name Marion Farmer. Fifty people have had the name. Twenty-six
of them are deceased. Twenty-four are living. They live in all sections
of the country. One of the problems of this particular name is that
both men and women have it. Sometimes women spell the name Marian
rather than Marion as men do; although, many women do use the latter

The advent of the personal computer has put the tool in the hands
of researchers to enable many types of searches for information related
to genealogy. Same name searches are interesting. Some names are too
numerous to allow a beneficial search. You get far too many hits to
find anything useful. It might be possible in such situations to confine
the search to a specific geographic area. This might lead to finding
relatives not in your records.

The social secuity index of names can point to the geographic area
where previous same-name people have lived. This can be useful in
locating long-lost family.

           Sherman Trail Work Finished

Work on the Shermans Trail has been completed for Rockdale and the
results can be viewed at the welcome center adjacent to the Parker
Road Bridge. The plans have been finalized to place the two markers
at the chosen sites. The sites will be the Depot and the Philadelphia
Methodist Church on Hightower Trail in Northern Rockdale.

Much information has been compiled and this could be the basis for
a publication which could be placed in our library. It would make
it easy for a student of the Civil War Period to study the effects
of the war on Rockdale County. To duplicate the extensive research
which was done by the Trails Committee would be impossible. The work
done by the committee has to be considered a landmark of mammoth proportions.
We need for this work to be made available at our library.

The committee chairman, Susan Vaughn, should be the person to see
that this is done. We hope that she will not let us down.

            Martha Brown's Scottish Trip

Marion - I have just returned from Scotland where I went on a tour
and went to the Westerkirk Library. When I returned home I searched
on the web under Westerkirk Parish Library and it linked me with libraries
in Scotland. The address is
Please try this out before you publish as I wanted to get a specific
topic and that would not be of interest to other people, so my address
has more on it. If this does not work, let me know - eyes are weary
from research and travel and work for the Paisley Society. (and reading
300+ emails after I got home!) Some books you can view from the web.
Fantastic! Also you might mention that family societies are a great
way to do research. I think that I have found my link to Scotland,
but will have to do more research. We toured all over the places that
had connections to Paisleys. It was quite an interesting trip. Martha

Editors Note: I was unable to  find the web site for the Westerkirk
Library.  The Url probably won't work.A  search  engine  may  find
the site .

        University Library is A Good Site

The University of Georgia Library in Athens is a great place to do
research. The library is on the campus. To reach it enter the campus
at the walkway nearest Jackson Street. Walk two blocks. The library
is the large building across the end of the block.

The library has four levels which have research materials. The basement
has the Soundex for 1880 to 1920 and census microfilm for the entire
Southeast (1790-1920), It has census books for most southeastern states
and microfilm of old newspapers.

The first floor reference area has colonial, immigration, surname
references, bibliographies and card files.

The third floor has county histories, family histories about Georgians
and some about South Carolina.

The fourth floor has family histories, periodicals, how-to books.
It has state information arranged by section of the country, and then
alphabetically by state within each section. It includes church records,
histories, etc.

If you have occasion to be in Athens, Georgia, it would be worth your
while to make a stop at the the UGA Library. Several of our members
have been there and they report that the library has very useful information.
They recommend it for anyone doing research.

         Nancy Guinn Library Has WEB Site

The Nancy Quinn Memorial Library is on-line with a web site. The site
is at:

The site has links to various other sites concerned with Rockdale
County one of which is the site maintained by your editor for the
genealogy indices which he maintains.

The site has general information about the library, its borrowing
policies, the library catalog and information about the friends of
the library. It has links to information about programs and services,
children’s programs, computer and internet services, a calendar of
activities as well as links to other resources.

Of interest is the collection of videos which the library offers.
The library has added eight hundred new videos to its collection.
There should be something to interest everyone.

The site is efficient and loads quickly. It is not burdened with excessive
graphics on the home page having only a picture of the front of the
library. All-in-all, it is a well put together site.

 Link to Nancy Guinn Memorial Library Web Site

      Index of 1900 Rockdale Census Made Available

Your editor has completed the task of compiling the data for an index
of the census of Rockdale County of 1900. A copy has been placed in
the library for general use. It is sorted alphabetically by name and
includes the race, sex and age followed by the house number, family
number and census page number. A researcher can easily search for
the name of an ancestor who may have been included in the census of
that year.

In addition, a copy will be placed on the web site maintained by the
editor at: <http:/>

The index has roughly 7,700 names. Some entries were not legible and
were not included. It is unfortunate that the handwriting and the
copying made some entries difficult to read. The listing should be
useful to a researcher looking for Rockdale County ancestors of the

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